What is Microsoft Teams

Learn What is Microsoft teams, Microsoft teams licensing, Benefits of using Microsoft Teams in Organisation, how to access Microsoft team, Teams in Microsoft Teams, Steps to create a Team in Microsoft teams, What are Channels in Microsoft Teams, etc.

Hope this step by step tutorial explains, Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is cloud-based team collaboration with core capabilities of include business messaging, calling, video meetings and filesharing in one place. Microsoft teams come up as a part of the Office 365 suite.

Microsoft Teams Licensing

Microsoft Teams is available free for small businesses and limited features. To serve on enterprise-level you need to have following Office 365 license plans Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, E3, or E5.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Team a specified group or team can work together on a particular file in real-time. Also can check likes, @ mentions, and replies more easily on a button go. There is less hurdle as you can easily add external users outside organizations.

With Teams, you can create your own notes apps. Microsoft teams launched in March 2017 and got a recent stable release by July 2018, Microsoft announced Teams would replace Skype for Business Online in Office 365.

How to Access Microsoft Teams

There are different ways we can access Microsoft Teams:

  • Microsoft Teams Web (From Browser)
  • Microsoft Teams Desktop or Client Application
  • Microsoft Teams Mobile App

Microsoft Teams has clients available for desktop Clients:  Windows 7+ (7, 8,8.1, 10), Mac OSX 10.10+. And with mobile: Windows Phone 10.0.10586+ , Android 4.4+ , iOS (iPhone and iPad) 9+ it also supports on Web browsers with: Chrome: 51.0+, Firefox:47.0+, Edge: 12+, MSIE: 11+ and Safari coming soon. These clients require an active internet connection and are not supported in offline mode.

Microsoft Teams Web (From Browser)

If you have an Office 365 subscription, you can access Microsoft Teams from the browser itself. You do not need to install any software in your system.


Download and Install Microsoft Teams

You can install Microsoft Teams in your Windows or Mac OS.

Download Teams standalone desktop client application from the below URL:

microsoft teams free download
microsoft teams free download

You can also download the desktop application after login to Microsoft Teams from a Web browser.

Install Microsoft Teams on windows 10

Or you can find this option from the browser client to download the application.

microsoft teams latest updates
microsoft teams latest updates

Mobile Application for Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams mobile apps are available for Android and iOS. It supports various mobile platforms for Android: 4.4 or later versions and for iOS 10.0 and later.  You can directly download Microsoft Teams application from:

microsoft teams app
microsoft teams app

How to use Microsoft Teams

Now, let us see how to use Microsoft Teams.

If you an Office 365 subscription, you can use Microsoft Teams.

Login to Office 365 and from the App launcher, click on Teams. Or you can directly open Microsoft teams in the browser.

Entering Microsoft Teams you can see three primary ways to interact that are Chart, teams, and meetings. The below image shows when you enter Microsoft Teams.

microsoft teams app
microsoft teams app

Teams in Microsoft Teams

Teams are basically made up of channels. And it contains a collection of people, content, and tools with different projects. 

Now, let us see what happens on the back end when a team is created?

Basically, when a team is created in teams on backend a Team site is created under tenant name. So some default things get added a contribution to the team site created such as team notebook a default document library and many more.

Create a Team in Microsoft Teams

Click on Teams from the left menu. The white column beside the menu is called the left rail and a light blue area called as the main arena. Then click on Create teams then provides appropriate Team name, description, and privacy. 

Create a team for staff in Microsoft Teams
Create a team for staff in Microsoft Teams
Create a Team in Microsoft Teams
Create a Team in Microsoft Teams

 There are three types of privacy policies that are:

  • Private– Where only team owners can add members
  • Public– Where anyone in your organization can join. 
  • Org-wide– Everyone in your organization will be automatically added.
Create a Team in Microsoft Teams

You can create a team from existing Office 365 groups. You can have up to a limit of 2500 members in a public team.

And it is always recommended and is also a good practice to have more than one owner in a team. Owners have privileges to add additional peoples to the team.

microsoft teams & skype for business admin center
microsoft teams & skype for business admin center

Now you can see a team is being created with a private type privacy.

microsoft teams login

Microsoft Teams Channels

Channels are where team conversations and collaboration happens. Channels are topics of conversation that allow team members to communicate without the use of email or group SMS (texting).

Users can reply to posts with images, GIF’s and custom made memes. Channels are the building blocks of Teams.

Every channel has a conversation tab where your team members post messages and replies, here all the conversations are stored so you can find the conversations easily. 

microsoft teams status meaning
microsoft teams status meaning

What happens on the back end when a channel is created in Microsoft Teams?

When you create a new channel inside a team on the back end of the SharePoint team creates a folder inside the document library. It helps as if you are a bit familiar with SharePoint you can view the same structure, content, and files.

Tabs in channels for Microsoft Teams

Channels consist of tabs, on the top of the channels you find tabs. Three default tabs get created when you create a channel these are Conversations, Files, and Wiki.

From the File tab, you can check all the file shared in the team. In the Conversation tab, all conversation of the team takes place. whereas in the Wiki tab, you can add custom apps and files with connectors into tabs.

File collaboration and Sharing Thoughts

With Microsoft Teams, you can easily collaborate a file and co-authoring is made very easy. You and your team can edit and work on a file together and also can share thoughts and discuss side by side.

All the discussions appear in the channel conversation tab. While reviewing a file this feature from Microsoft Teams helps a lot.

Below we can see how to add content from an app in a channel. Here power app content is being added from the stores you can add different contents as business demands.

To add an application content or a connector click on …  which is at the bottom of the conversation tab. And then click on Go to store and choose an application 

What are channels in Microsoft Teams
What are channels in Microsoft Teams

From the store, you can find different applications being categorized click on PowerApps from productivity category. A popup window comes up and asks to which team you want to add this app then click on install.

how do I add a Microsoft Team to outlook
how do I add a Microsoft Team to outlook

The moment it gets installed, it shows all the PowerApp templates created and need to choose the one which you want to add to the channel then click on Save. 

microsoft teams private channels
microsoft teams private channels

After adding this App content two things happen, in Conversation tab, a message is created to notify team members and then in a new tab, the content appears where you can maximize work with same functionalities.

Here you can Co-Work or review and chart directly. From top right corner you can find the icon on clicking to show tab conversations same acts to hide also.

microsoft teams restrict access to channel
microsoft teams restrict access to channel

Messaging in Microsoft Teams

You can mark followup or can mark thumps up if you really like the comment or message.

You can click on three dots on your message and can edit delete message mark as an unread copy link and use the immersive reader on the messages which you have posted.

Messaging in Microsoft Teams

@Mentions With Microsoft Teams

If you want to bring someones attention to a message then type the at the rate “@” followed by a there name. You can @ entire team or a channel too, condition if team owner has enabled it to.

You can check your @ mentioned in the notification arena or just beside the channel names with red circles which indicates the number of “@” you are mentioned.

microsoft teams @mention

Microsoft Teams Settings

After a team is created click on ellipsis where you can remove the team as a favorite, Add channel, Leave the team, Edit team, Get the link to a team and at last Delete team

teams channel permissions
teams channel permissions

Add Members in Teams

Under Manage Teams you can check who are the members of the team. Here you can change member’s settings and can grant members as owners. And can also make Owners as Members.

On top, there is a search toolbox where you can search for Members in a team and their role.

microsoft teams permissions per channel

Pending Request Tab

In this settings tab, you will find what are the pending requests from people who have requested to join the team.

Channels Tab

Then comes channels where you can add channels and add channels to favorite. In channel settings, you can also Edit a channel, delete a channel add connectors or can check what are the configured connectors, get email address channels, get a link to the channel and follow the channel.

request access email
request access email

Settings Tab

At the end, the tab comes up as settings where you can edit permissions and grant permissions for the team. this includes editing the team picture, members permission, Guest permissions, @mentions team code, and fun stuff.

Team Picture

From the settings as discussed above, you can edit and update your team picture. Click on Team picture there you can find an uploader icon clicking on which a popup displays to upload an image of your team.

microsoft teams calendar permissions

Member Permission

Member permissions come up with different kind of permissions which includes as Enable channel creation, adding apps and more by members. In details 

  • Allow creating and updating channels-Enabling this checkbox helps in allowing members to create and update the team channel
  • Allow members to delete and restore channels-Enabling this will empower members to delete and restore any channel. Basically, this permission should not be given to members.
  • Allow members to add and remove apps-this will allow members to add and remove an application which can be built in a team.
  • Allow members to create, update and remove tabs- checking this enables members to create edit or delete tabs from channels.
  • Allow members to create, update and remove connectors- This permission will give the members a hand to create update and remove connectors.
  • Give members the option to delete their messages- This enables the users to delete the messages enabling this will remove the delete message option
  • Give members the option to edit their messages-This permission will help members to edit their messages in the channel.

Guest permission in Microsoft Teams

In guest permissions, the team’s owner can grant permission. Basically, there are two permissions you can give guests permission to update channels and remove or delete channels.

microsoft teams guest experience
microsoft teams guest experience

@ Mention Settings in Teams for Microsoft Teams

In these settings, Team owners can choose who can use @team and @channel mentions. Enabling these two settings will show members the option to @team or @[team name] and @channel or @[channel name]. By default, these options are enabled.

@ Mention Settings in Teams for Microsoft Teams

Team Code

To join the team directly without join request you can generate team code and share to those who you want to add. You can directly copy the code and send this code to people whom you want to make members. 

microsoft teams team code

Fun Stuff

This setting allows emoji, memes, GIFs or stickers enabled for teams.  

microsoft teams fun stuff
microsoft teams fun stuff

Add members to a team

While creating teams you can add members to a team. If you want to add members after the creation of teams there are basically two ways to add members to Microsoft teams.

microsoft teams best practices
microsoft teams best practices

If you want, you can add multiple people by typing the name of a contact group, security group, or Office 365 group. The second step is to click on More Options>Manage Team from left you click on Add Member.  A team can hold up to 2500 people.

microsoft teams sharepoint integration

Edit teams

To edit your team click more options > Edit team. Here if you are team owner you can edit team name, description, and you can also edit the permissions which you would have given at the time of creating the team.

how to add team calendar to microsoft teams

Get link to the team

Clicking on this you can generate the link where you can invite people from a link and can invite people to join the team.

How to join a Team

To join a specific team, click Teams  > Add team. Type the team name in the search box and press Enter. Find the team you’re looking for and click Join Team. Another option is to go to the command box at the top of Teams, then type /join to see a list of all your suggested teams.

Select a team to request permission to join. Else you can join a team using a link to join a team, Go to a web browser and paste the link. You can also use code to join a team.

To do that click om Teams on the left side of the app, then click Join or create a team at the bottom of your team’s list. Go to Join a team with code (the second tile), paste the code in the Enter code box, and click Join.

Adding a channel to Teams

Channels are added to teams in an easy way. To create a new channel, start on the team list. Find the team name and click on the ellipsis on extreme right-click on  More options  > Add channel.

You can also click Manage team, and add a channel in the Channels tab. You can create up to 200 channels over the life of a team. That number includes channels you create and later delete.

microsoft teams add member to private channel
microsoft teams add member to private channel

Below image shows how to add channels from Mange teams > Channels> Add channels 

microsoft teams nested channels
microsoft teams nested channels
microsoft teams and sharepoint
microsoft teams and sharepoint

What all we can do in Channels

Only favorited Channels will show up in the left pane, other channels will show up if there is a notification for you and the remaining by clicking more.

Conversation tab in channels, let you can cover different charts and you can find different topics. In the Conversation tab, you can send attachments from local PC, Recent files or you can browse from different teams and Channels and from OneDrive.

why use microsoft teams
why use microsoft teams

You can Format the message before sending to all in the Conversation Tab. Like you can change the font color or use text highlight color. You can Quote a message and can also add links from the web while sending messages. 

microsoft teams code snippet
microsoft teams code snippet

Adding Code Snippet in Microsoft Teams 

Click Format Expand button below the compose box, then select the Code snippet button in the format bar. A dialog box opens, where you can enter your code as well as a title for the snippet.

Select the language you want to use, and choose whether you want your text to wrap.

microsoft teams code formatting
microsoft teams code formatting

Chart option

Chart option appears on the left menu or left trial. Here you can chat with people you want to in a personal window as well as you can add people as a group.

You can add up to nine people in a group chat. From left you can click and add people to create a group chat.

microsoft teams online access
microsoft teams online access

From the private chart you can, add files from your computer or OneDrive for Business account.

difference between microsoft teams and sharepoint
difference between microsoft teams and sharepoint

After adding people to your chart you can also name the group chart as shown below. Here two persons are added to a group and a name is given as management.

microsoft teams file storage
microsoft teams file storage


As discussed earlier you can go to a meeting from the channel itself. In a channel conversation, click the Meet Now icon in the compose box. Existing conversation by clicking the Meet Now icon in the reply box. Once you’re in, you can invite the people from your conversation, or anyone from the team by clicking on their name.

Advantages of attending Meetings with Microsoft Teams

Meeting experience with Microsoft teams makes feel remote team members feel like they’re really part of the conversation. Teams provide the full width of the screen, the audio and video experience. Once you are in the meeting, you can share your desktop. The content layout lets everyone see what’s being shared. Along with people’s facial expressions.

Tracking Your Meetings With Microsoft Teams

If you want to keep track of your meetings. in teams, you can schedule and see all your appointments for a day or work. your meeting list stays sync with your outlook calendar.

microsoft teams meeting add in for microsoft office download

You can schedule a meeting clicking on Schedule a meeting and then give a Title, location and by default, it will be marked as an online meeting. You can add start and end time with details.

You can add people to attain meetings, also invite people outside your organization to attain the meeting even if they don’t use teams, you just need to add there email address in the box.

Once the meetings are scheduled the invites will receive an email notification so that they can join the meeting. In the attendee’s list, you can see everyone who is added and will be there availability.

You can pick one of the suggested time if any or you can click on scheduling assistance to check every one availability in the calendar view.

You can also make the meeting as private or can make it open to a certain channel If you add this meeting to a channel then everyone on the channel can see and notice the meeting in the team’s conversation tab. In this, your team can set a meeting agenda share file or can read comments there.

microsoft teams limitations
microsoft teams limitations

Leave a team in Microsoft Teams 

You can leave a team by going to the team name and clicking More options More options button > Leave the team.

microsoft teams issues

If you are the only owner of that team then you need to make a member as owner and then you can leave the team. Below is the error message which popups when you try to leave a team as the last owner.

microsoft teams not loading

Delete a Team in Microsoft teams 

Only Team owners can delete a team in Microsoft teams, If you want to delete a team go to the team name click on More options> Delete the teams

microsoft teams delete team

Microsoft teams restrictions and specifications

Microsoft Teams have some certain restrictions and limitations as below

Teams and channels

Feature Maximum limit
Number of teams a user can create Subject to a 250 object limit of 
Any directory object in Azure Active Directory counts towards this limit.
Number of members in a team 2,500
Number of members in an org-wide team 1,000
Number of teams a global admin can create 500,000
Number of teams an Office 365 tenant can have 500,000
Number of channels per team 200

Meetings and calls

Feature Maximum limit
Number of people in a meeting 250
Number of people in a private chat 20

Storage limits

As Teams runs on a SharePoint Online backend for file sharing, SharePoint limitations apply to the Files section within a Team. Below are the applicable limits for storage.

Feature Office 365 Business Essentials Office 365 Business Premium Office 365 Enterprise E1 Office 365 Enterprise E3 Office 365 Enterprise E5 Office 365 Enterprise F1
Storage 1 TB per organization plus 10 GB per license purchased 1 TB per organization plus 10 GB per license purchased 1 TB per organization plus 10 GB per license purchased 1 TB per organization plus 10 GB per license purchased 1 TB per organization plus 10 GB per license purchased 1 TB per organization
Storage for Teams Files Up to 25 TB per site collection or group Up to 25 TB per site collection or group Up to 25 TB per site collection or group Up to 25 TB per site collection or group Up to 25 TB per site collection or group Up to 25 TB per site collection or group
File upload limit 15 GB 15 GB 15 GB 15 GB 15 GB 15 GB

Messaging limits

Microsoft Teams chat function works on a Microsoft Exchange backend, so Exchange messaging limits are applicable within Microsoft Teams. Below are the applicable limits for sending email to a channel.

Feature Office 365 Enterprise E1 Office 365 Enterprise E3 Office 365 Enterprise E5 Office 365 Enterprise F1
Message size limit † 25 KB 25 KB 25 KB 25 KB
File attachments limit ‡ 20 20 20 20
Inline images limit ‡ 50 50 50 50

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In this post, we came up to know what is Microsoft Teams and how it can be beneficial to Organizations. We know Microsoft has come up with a rapid robust offering powered by the cloud platform.

So here we discussed what happens in the background and SharePoint play a role. And also have seen what all you can perform using Microsoft Teams.