SharePoint Online Team site Vs Communication site

In the SharePoint Online tutorial, we will discuss What is a Team site in SharePoint Online Office 365 and how to create a team site template in modern SharePoint Online Admin center. What is a communication site and How to create a communication site template in modern SharePoint Admin center. What is the difference between a team site template and Communication site in SharePoint Online?

What is a Team Site in SharePoint Online?

The SharePoint team site is used when team member works together on a project. In the team site, the team member can able to sharing, storing, collaborating information on files from anywhere and any device within a few seconds. When we create an office 365 account a team will create by default. When we create a team site the “Documents”, “Form templates”, “Site Assets”, “Site Library”, “SitePage” are created as a by default. For example, a team member is working together to complete a project where we can create a team site.

Create a team site in Modern SharePoint Admin Center

Now we will discuss how to create Team site in modern SharePoint Admin Center using the browser.

Open the SharePoint Admin center. Click on “We are working on a new SharePoint admin center”.

sharepoint team site vs communication site
sharepoint team site vs communication site

In the Modern SharePoint Admin center, we can able to see “Active sites“. To create a  new “Site collection” click on “Create“. We can able to see two option “Team site template” and “Communication site template”. To create a “Team Site” go for “Team Site template”.

sharepoint team site examples
sharepoint team site examples

To Create a new team site we need to fill the following screenshot field value.

Site name: Here give a name for the SharePoint team site

Group email address: The Group email address will automatically generate with the same name as the team site name. When we are giving the space in the team site name but the Group email address will be generated without space. Suppose we are giving the name “SharePoint Team   Site(name with space) but our Group email address is “SharePointTeamSite”, it will eliminate the space in the name.

Site address: This Site address will create automatically.

Group owner: In the Group owner filed to give the name whom you want to be an owner of our SharePoint Team site.

Select a language: In the Select language, the English will select by default.

Privacy Settings: In the Privacy settings we can able to see two option Public and Private option. When we choose the Public everyone in our organization can able to access our SharePoint Team site. When we choose the Private option then the team site member can able to access our SharePoint team site. Click on Next.

sharepoint team site examples
sharepoint team site examples

In the next page, we can able to see

Add additional Owners: Add additional owner name in the Add additional Owners field.

Add members: Add members name to whom you want to add in the SharePoint team site. Click on Finish.

sharepoint communication site
sharepoint communication site

Now our site will be created, we can able to see our team site name in the “Active sites“.

Create Communication site in the modern SharePoint Admin center:

Here we will see how to create a communication site in modern SharePoint admin center.

Go to modern SharePoint admin center, click on “Create” from the “Active sites” and choose the “Communication template” for the new SharePoint communication site. We can able to see the same field whatever we have seen in the Create SharePoint team site page. Here I have given the SharePoint communication site name as”SharePoint Communication site” but the site address is taking the Communication site name without space. Give the Site description in the “site description” field. Click on Finish.

sharepoint team site template
sharepoint team site template

Now our communication site will be created and we can able to see the communication site in the “Active sites” page.

The Key difference between SharePoint team site and communication site:

Here we will discuss the difference between SharePoint Team site template and communication site template.

  1. For a team of people collaborate the information and work together for a task we will go for team site. But When we want to share the information with the wide group of people we will go for SharePoint communication site template.
  2. When we will create a new SharePoint team site an office 365 group will be created automatically but in the communication site, no office 365 group will be created.
  3. In the SharePoint team site, we can able to see the Privacy settings option. But when creating new SharePoint community site the Privacy settings option is not displaying.
  4. The team site Home page different from the SharePoint communication site.

Below screenshot is the Home page of Team Site. In the SharePoint team site, we can able to see Quick Launch and Top navigation.

sharepoint communication sites
sharepoint communication sites

The Quick lunch is not displaying in the SharePoint Communication site, only top navigation we can able to see. In the Communication Site and team site from the New option, we can able to create a new list, new documents library, new page, new link, and new Apps. The by default web part is displaying in Communication site is hero web part, we can edit the existing SharePoint communication site web part.

sharepoint communication sites
SharePoint communication sites

5. We can create a subsite in SharePoint team site modern office365 admin. But in the communication site subsite creation is not available.

6. In the SharePoint team site web part page, wiki page, site page are present in Pages Library. And in the communication site pages and link content type are present in Page Library.

7. SharePoint team site template has by default list and libraries are:

  • Documents
  • Form Templates
  • Site Assets
  • Style Library
  • Site Pages

The SharePoint communication site has following by default list and libraries:

  • Documents
  • Form Templates
  • Style library
  • Events
  • SitePage

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In the above SharePoint Online article, we were discussed what are SharePoint Online team site and communication site. How to create a new SharePoint team site and SharePoint communication site

What are key differences between SharePoint Online team site and communication site?

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