Difference Between Team Site And Communication Site In SharePoint

SharePoint offers different types of sites for the business needs of an organization, so it is very important to know the differences between two popular site types: team site and communication site. In this post, we’ll dive deep into the two primary types of sites in SharePoint: Team Sites and Communication Sites, and help you understand which one to choose for your needs.

What is a SharePoint Team Site?

A SharePoint Team Site is designed to help small groups of people work together on a project or a common goal. It’s a place where team members can collaborate, share documents, track tasks, and have discussions all in one central location. Team Sites are typically private, meaning only members who are invited can see and contribute to the site.

Examples of Team Site Usage:

  • A project management team tracking the progress of their project
  • A department within a company sharing documents and resources
  • A research group collaborating on a paper or study

What is a SharePoint Communication Site?

On the other hand, a Communication Site is intended for broadcasting information to a broader audience. It’s not about collaboration among a few, but communication to many. These sites are usually more public-facing and are designed to be more visually appealing. They’re perfect for sharing news, reports, statuses, and other information with people inside or outside your organization.

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Examples of Communication Site Usage:

  • A company sharing its internal news with employees
  • An HR department publishing policies and benefits information
  • A marketing team showcasing product launches or company events

Check out a video on these two sites and how to create these two types of sites, I have recently uploaded this video:

Team Site vs Communication Site in SharePoint

Here are a few differences between team site and communication site every SharePoint developer should know.

FeaturesTeam SiteCommunication Site
PurposeCollaboration among team membersBroadcasting information to a wider audience
PrivacyTypically private, with access limited to team membersCan be public-facing, with broader access
DesignFunctional, focused on tools and documentsVisually appealing, focused on content presentation
Default GroupsOwners, Members, and VisitorsOwners and Members
IntegrationBacked by Office 365 GroupsStandalone with no group integration
Example Use CaseA team working on a projectA department sharing news or resources

When to Use a Team Site in SharePoint

Choose a Team Site in SharePoint when you need a collaborative environment where a group of people will work closely together. It’s the ideal choice for:

  • Collaborative document management and editing
  • Tracking tasks and project progress
  • Internal team discussions and information sharing

When to Use a Communication Site in SharePoint

Opt for a Communication Site when your primary goal is to convey information in a visually appealing way and want to share information with a large audience. It’s the right choice for:

  • Company announcements and news
  • Sharing resources or policies with a broad audience
  • Showcasing products, services, or events

Features and Functionalities of Team site and Communication site

Team Site Features:

  • Document libraries for file storage and sharing
  • Task lists for project management
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams for communication
  • Customizable permissions for different levels of access
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Communication Site Features:

  • Beautiful, responsive design for content presentation
  • News web parts to highlight important information
  • Streamlined publishing for non-technical users
  • Yammer integration to encourage engagement

Real-World Scenarios

Let’s consider a couple of scenarios to help illustrate the practical applications of Team Sites and Communication Sites.

Scenario 1: Project Management (Team Site)

Imagine a scenario where a project team at a construction company needs to collaborate on building plans, schedules, and compliance documents. They would use a SharePoint Team Site to store all their documents, communicate updates, and track project milestones. Team members can simultaneously edit documents and keep everything in sync.

Scenario 2: Company News Portal (Communication Site)

Now, picture a large corporation wanting to keep its employees informed about company news, events, and policy updates. They would create a Communication Site in SharePoint with a sleek design that showcases the latest news articles, upcoming events, and important announcements. This site might be accessible to the entire company, making it easy for employees to stay informed.


Understanding the difference between a Team Site and a Communication Site is crucial for effective SharePoint usage. Team Sites are your go-to for collaboration and project management, while Communication Sites are best for sharing information with a broader audience. By choosing the right type of site for your needs, you’ll enhance productivity and ensure your team or audience gets the most out of SharePoint.

Now, you must have a clear idea of how to decide between a Team Site and a Communication Site in SharePoint for your organization.

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