SharePoint Storage Limit – How to Manage

In this SharePoint tutorial, I will explain the SharePoint default storage size and how to manage storage limits on the SharePoint site.

I will also show you how to set the existing SharePoint site storage limit from the SharePoint Admin Center.

Manage SharePoint Storage Limits

When you create a SharePoint site from the admin center, by default, the storage limit will appear as 25600 GB.

However, the SharePoint site owner or Global administrator can change or set the storage limits on the SharePoint Online site from the SharePoint Admin center.

To work around this, follow the below-mentioned steps. Such as:

1. Open the SharePoint Admin center [https://<Tenant>], expand the Sites dropdown, and click on the Active sites to get the total or available storage of your subscription, as shown below.

sharepoint default storage size

2. Now, to get the site storage limits, select the Settings options and click on the Site storage limits option, as in the screenshot below.

default sharepoint storage limit

3. Under the Site storage limits page, you will get two options. Such as:

  • Automatic = Let sites use as much of your organization’s storage as they need
  • Manual = Set specific limits for each site

4. Now, select any one of these options and click on the Save button.

sharepoint site storage limit

5. Finally, select the Site creation option under the Settings page.

sharepoint storage limit

6. On the Site creation page, you will get the Default storage limit for new sites is “25600 GB”, as shown below.

sharepoint change default site

7. However, you can also change the storage limit [1 to 25600 GB] and click on the Save button.

default sharepoint storage

This is how we can manage storage limits for the SharePoint Online site.

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How to Set Existing SharePoint Site Storage Limit

In the same way, if you want to set the existing SharePoint site storage limit, you can follow the below steps. Such as:

1. On the SharePoint Admin center, select the existing SharePoint Online site [Marketing] under the Active sites page. Then, click on the More options […], and select the Storage option to edit the storage limit.

sharepoint site size limit

2. Now, change the default storage limit [25600 -> 20000] and click on the Save button.

sharepoint storage limits

3. Once all your updates are done, have a look at the screenshot below for the output [Changes saved].

increase sharepoint storage limit

This way, you can set the existing SharePoint site storage limit.

I trust this SharePoint Online tutorial is helpful. If you have any requirements or tasks related to managing SharePoint site storage limits, you can follow this post until the end to get an idea of how to achieve it.

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