SharePoint Migration Tool (Download, Install and Migrate)

This SharePoint article we will discuss how to migrate content from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online or OneDrive using the free SharePoint migration tool from Microsoft.

Before knowing about the Migration tool we need to know what is SharePoint Migration?

Migration in the process where will migrate content from one environment to another environment. The environment can be any previous version of SharePoint or file system etc.

Imagine your organisation or your company is using SharePoint 2010 and now decided to use SharePoint online. in this case you need to migrate your existing contents from your SharePoint 2010 environment to your SharePoint online environment.

Introduction to SharePoint migration tool

Microsoft provides a free tool called SharePoint Migration tool where we can easily migrate our file from on-premise to SharePoint Online or OneDrive.

SharePoint migration tool is a free tool from Microsoft which you can use to migrate content from various SharePoint on-premises environments and network and local file share to SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

Below are the SharePoint On-premises environments and File shares that support migration using the SharePoint migration tool.

  • SharePoint server 2016
  • SharePoint server 2013 and  SharePoint foundation 2013
  • SharePoint server 2010 and  SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Network and file shares

Recently Microsoft also acquired Mover which is a migration tool that supports migration from various cloud service providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box to SharePoint Online, and OneDrive.

SharePoint Migration Tool Download and Installation

The SharePoint migration tool allows migrating content from SharePoint Server 2013 to SharePoint Online and OneDrive. But now also it supports, migrate content from SharePoint server 2010 to SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

Apart from this also, it helps to migrate Network and local file shares contents to SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

Before using the SharePoint migration tool, we need to download and install the SharePoint migration tool.

Migrate local file shares to SharePoint Online using SharePoint Migration Tool

In this example I will show you how to migrate content from file share to SharePoint Online using free SharePoint migration tool.

Open the Migration tool in your system. Enter your Office 365 credentials. A Welcome to SharePoint Migration Tool page will open. Click on “Start your first migration”.

Below, I have taken one example of how to migrate the files from local system to SharePoint online using the SharePoint Migration tool.

SharePoint Migration Tool
sharepoint migration tool

Choose the file in local system which you want to migrate in the Select Source Page.

sharepoint migration tool v2
sharepoint migration tool v2

In the Select destination page give the SharePoint online site URL. Click on Next.

download sharepoint migration tool
how to migrate local file to office 365

Select the Document Library from the dropdown where we want to migrate the local folder. Click on Next.

download microsoft sharepoint migration tool
how to migrate local file to office 365

Now we will get the Review migration page where we can see both our source and destination page. Click on Next.

sharepoint migration tool
sharepoint migration tool

Click on Migrate in the Choose your settings page.

download sharepoint migration tool v2
how to migrate local file to office 365

We will get the below page. It will take time to migrate.

using sharepoint migration tool
using sharepoint migration tool

After the Migration action is completed we will get the below screenshot. Click on Save to Save the Migration details.

migrate sharepoint to onedrive using SharePoint migration tool
using sharepoint migration tool

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