Remove blank from Power bi slicer

In this Power BI Tutorial, We will discuss a Power BI error as “Remove Blank from a Power BI Slicer“.

Blank value in Power bi slicer

Many of the Power BI Developers may get this type of issue while they are using Power BI Slicer. When they are providing any field value into the Power BI Slicer, they can see some null values as “Blank” in the Slicer.

Similarly, I also got the same Blank value when I have used a Person field in the Slicer. In the below screenshot, you can see a Blank field is inserting automatically into the Slicer which should not be.

power bi slicer remove blank

Remove blank from power bi slicer

To solve this issue from the Power BI Slicer, We need to follow the below processes:

First of all, Expand the Filters pane (from the Right side of the Power BI Report page) and add the Person field (for me, I am using a Person field in the Slicer) into the “Filters on this page” as shown below.

blank value in power bi slicer

Just drag the Person field (FirstName) and drop it into the Filters on this page. Then do these below things:

  • Select “Advanced filtering” under the “Filter type” section.
  • Select “is not blank” under the “Show items when the value” section.
  • Click on the Apply filter button.
remove blank from power bi slicer

When you will apply the filter, then you can see the Blank value has been removed from the Power BI Slicer as in the below screenshot.

Remove the Blank from Power BI Slicer

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In this Power BI Tutorial, We discussed a Power BI error as “remove blank from power bi slicer”.

  • This only works if you have a single level slicer. It definitely does not work if you have a hierarchical slicer. It will eliminate all higher level values if any lower level value is blank.

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