How to Remove Blank From Power BI Slicer?

Most of my work involves getting data from various sources, such as Excel, SharePoint lists, databases, etc.

In most cases, the first step is to clean the data and make it usable for my analysis.

Sometimes, when I have datasets, a column has empty spots. If I use this column in a Power BI slicer, the first option appears blank.

In this tutorial, I will discuss why you see a blank in the Power BI slicer and show you how to remove blank from Power BI slicer.

Blank Value in Power BI Slicer

Lots of Power BI developers face this issue when using Power BI Slicer. When they put a field value into the slicer, they might see some empty values showing up as “Blank” in the Power BI slicer.

I encountered the same “Blank” value when I used a Region field in the Slicer. The screenshot below shows that a blank field is automatically added to the Slicer, which should not be.

how to remove blank from power bi slicer

How to Remove Blank From Power BI Slicer

Now we see how to remove a blank value from a Power BI Slicer.


Let’s say you’re analyzing sales data in Power BI and using a slicer to filter the data by different categories like region.

But you notice a blank option in the slicer, confusing users and making the analysis more challenging.

In this scenario, we have an Excel file named SalesData2024 with columns Product, Region, Sales, and Date. Check the screenshot below.

power bi blank in slicer

1. Open Power BI Desktop and load data using the Get data option. Then, you can see data in the Data pane.

power bi how to remove blank from slicer

2. Under the Home tab, expand Visual gallery(black box) -> Click the Slicer visual.

power bi slicer remove blank option

3. Then, add Region into Field using the +Add data option.

blank in slicer power bi

4. you can see a blank in the Power BI Slicer visual.

how to remove blank from power bi slicer

Now, I will show how remove above (Blank) in Power BI Slicer.

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5. Select the Power BI Slicer visual -> Expand the Filters pane.

remove blank option from slicer power bi

6. Drop the “Region” from the Data pane onto the Filters pane to apply filters to this visual.

remove blank from power bi slicer

7. In the Filter panel, Under the Filter type, select Advanced filtering -> under the Show items when the value select is not blank -> Click on the Apply filter.

remove blank from slicer power bi

8. After that, you can successfully see the removed blank in the Power BI slicer.

remove blank from slicer in power bi

This way, you can remove blanks in slicer Power BI.

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I hope you found this article useful. If you know any other method to remove the blank option from the slicer in Power BI, or if you have any feedback or suggestions, please share them in the comments section below.

  • This only works if you have a single level slicer. It definitely does not work if you have a hierarchical slicer. It will eliminate all higher level values if any lower level value is blank.

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