SharePoint Calendar Color Code

Recently, I got a requirement to work on the SharePoint Calendar code. SharePoint Online provides two ways to add color code to the SharePoint calendar. Follow this article to get all the information about the SharePoint calendar color code.

Also, we will see:

  • How to change SharePoint calendar overlay colors
  • SharePoint calendar color code without overlay
  • SharePoint calendar overlay duplicate events

SharePoint Calendar Color Code

By using color codes in the SharePoint calendar, you can easily separate the events with different colors, and it helps you to manage multiple events efficiently. Also, you can give priority to the events by using color codes.

In SharePoint Online, there are two ways to add color codes to the calendar. Such as:

  1. SharePoint calendar color code with an overlay [Old way]
  2. SharePoint calendar color code using view formatting [New way]

SharePoint calendar color code with an overlay

This is an old way to add color codes for the classic SharePoint calendars. But fortunately, it is also available in SharePoint Online as well. To achieve it, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Open your SharePoint site -> Select your Events list under the Site contents page.

sharepoint calendar color code

2. Then, go to the CALENDAR tab -> Select List Settings -> Click on the Category column where you can get the default choices [You can also add custom choices] as in the screenshot below.

sharepoint online calendar color code

3. Now, you need to create a calendar view for each event category. For that, click on the Create View option and select View type as Calendar View.

sharepoint change calendar overlay colors

4. Then, specify the name of the view and a filter to show items of the selected category [Category is equal to Meeting] -> Save the view, and you can do the same for each category.

sharepoint change order of calendar overlays

5. Also, you should create another view for the default calendar that overlays all your category views. Here, apply the filter like the Category is equal to Blank [] like below.

color coded calendar in sharepoint online

6. Now, you can overlay multiple calendar views, to do so, click on the Calendars Overlay under the CALENDAR tab. Then, select the New Calendar button.

sharepoint calendar overlays colors

7. On the New Calendar page, provide the below information.

  • Name and Type: Provide the respective View name and the type of calendar by default as SharePoint
  • Calendar Overlay Settings: Description is optional -> Select the Color code as per your needs -> Click on Resolve to get the available calendar views -> Choose the respective calendar view -> Click on the OK button
  • Additional Calendars: The limitation of additional calendars are up to 10
How to use color code in sharepoint calendar

8. Once you are finished with all the overlays, you will see the color codes in the SharePoint calendar.

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9. This way, you can add color codes to the SharePoint calendar with overlays, and whenever the user creates a new event, the color code will automatically apply to the event based on the category view.

How to use color code in the sharepoint calendar

This is how to create a color-coded calendar in SharePoint online.

SharePoint Calendar Color Code using View Formatting

In SharePoint Online, we can also color codes to the calendar using view formatting. This is a completely different way to add calendar color codes. Let’s take a simple scenario.


I have a SharePoint Online list named [Event Tracker], which contains columns with various data types. Now, I would like to add a color code to the calendar based on the Choice column [Departments].

SharePoint Calendar Color Code using View Formatting


You should have two date columns that is required while creating the SharePoint calendar view.

Have a look at the below screenshot for the output:

sharepoint online calendar color code

To work around this, follow the below steps. Such as:

1. Select your SharePoint list -> Expand the Monthly Events tab -> Select the Format current view option.

how to create a color coded calendar in sharepoint, color code sharepoint calendar

2. In the Format view window -> Select Appy formatting to Month and click on the Manage rules link as shown below.

color code sharepoint online calendar

3. Once you click on the “Manage rules” link, it will redirect to the Create rule window where we can add the rule, i.e., [If Department is equal to IT], and set the color code using the Show list item as an option. You can do the same for each department. Next, click on the Save button like the one below.

sharepoint calendar color code without overlay

4. You can also add another rule using the + Add rule option and click on the More commands [] to get other options, i.e., [Move down, Edit rule, and Delete rule].

color coding to sharepoint calendar, sharepoint calendar color code by category

5. This way, you can add color codes to the SharePoint list calendar view. Follow the screenshot below.

color coding to sharepoint online calendar

SharePoint Calendar Color Code Without Overlay

In SharePoint Classic, there is a “Content edit web part” available where we can add CSS style within the HTML text and add color codes to the SharePoint calendar. But, unfortunately, this web part is not available in SharePoint Online.

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For more details, follow this Post “SharePoint calendar color code without overlay

SharePoint Calendar Overlay Duplicate Events

While working with the SharePoint calendar, it is possible to create different views and overlays to add color codes, i.e., combine these views into a single view [Default view]; there is a chance to get duplicate events in the calendar.

Look at the screenshot below of how the SharePoint calendar overlays duplicate events.

sharepoint calendar overlay duplicate events

To fix this problem, follow the below steps.

1. Open Events list -> Select the CALENDAR tab -> Select the Default View option -> Click on the Modify View option like below.

sharepoint calendar overlay duplicate entries

2. Next, go to the Filter selection and change the filter statement from null to category views [Meeting, Holiday, etc…].

sharepoint online calendar overlay duplicate

3. Now, you will get the calendar overlay events without duplicates. Refer to the screenshot below.

calendar overlay duplicate entries in sharepoint


I trust this SharePoint article taught in detail information about the SharePoint calendar color code. Here, we learned SharePoint change calendar overlay colors and SharePoint calendar color code using list view formatting.

Also, we saw the SharePoint calendar color code without overlay and SharePoint calendar overlay duplicate events.

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