How to Create a Gantt Chart View in SharePoint?

Do you know what is a SharePoint Gantt Chart and how to create it? No problem!

In this SharePoint tutorial, we will explore Gantt Chart View in SharePoint and the benefits of using Gantt Charts in Project Management.

Also, I will tell you how to create a Gantt chart in SharePoint step by step.

What is a SharePoint Gantt Chart?

SharePoint Gantt chart visually represents a project’s timeline, showing tasks as horizontal bars that span their start and end dates. It helps users see the duration and sequence of tasks in a project directly within SharePoint.

Tasks are represented as bars, with the length of the bar representing the task’s time.

The SharePoint Task List frequently uses a Gantt chart to visually depict tasks and their timelines.

SharePoint provides built-in Gantt chart views for task lists to help project managers visualize and manage project timelines.

The screenshot below represents what a SharePoint Gantt Chart View looks like:

sharepoint gantt chart

Benefits of Using Gantt Chart in SharePoint

The table below represents all the benefits of the SharePoint Gantt chart.

Visual TimelineIt provides a clear visual of the project’s timeline, making it easier to understand task durations and overlaps.
Task DependenciesIt allows visualization of task relationships, showing which tasks must be completed before others start.
Integrated with SharePointNo need for additional tools, as it’s built directly into SharePoint, allowing seamless integration with other SharePoint functionalities.
CollaborationTeam members can collaborate in real time, with changes immediately reflected on the chart.
Customizable ViewsThis allows customization of what data is displayed, tailoring it to specific project needs.
Track ProgressIt also helps monitor task status and overall project progress at a glance.
Enhanced Decision MakingVisual representation helps faster decision-making, as managers can quickly spot delays or overlaps.

These are the SharePoint Gantt chart benefits.

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How to Create a Gantt Chart View in SharePoint

Now, we will see how to create a Gantt chart view in SharePoint step by step:

1. Navigate to your SharePoint site. Go to the Gear or Settings icon [from the top right corner] -> Click on Add an app.

sharepoint list gantt chart

2. Under the “Apps you can add” section, click on the classic experience as shown below.

gantt chart in sharepoint

3. In the Your Apps window, select the Tasks app. Many columns for a Gantt chart (Start Date, Due Date, etc.) are already set up in this list type. Also, you can use any existing Tasks list.

gantt chart sharepoint

4. Provide a unique name to the Task list. Click on Create.

Create a Gantt Chart in SharePoint Online

5. The new task list has been created and will show you under the Site contents page.

SharePoint Gantt Chart

6. By default, the task list has been created with the columns below:

  • Task Name
  • Due Date
  • Assigned To
  • Start Date and so on


Make sure your list has a “Title,” “Start Date,” and “Due Date” column at the very least. You can add relevant columns like “% Complete” or “Assigned To.”

Also, I have added some records to the SharePoint task list, like below.

SharePoint Online Gantt Chart

7. Now, we will create the SharePoint Gantt Chart View using this SharePoint Task list. To do so, click Create View in the List tab.

SharePoint Gantt View

8. In the View Type window, select Gantt View.

Create Gantt Chart in SharePoint

9. In the Create View page, Provide the Gantt View Name.

Create SharePoint Gantt Chart

10. In the Gantt Columns section, provide the below details:

TitleTask Name
Start DateStart Name
Due DateDue Date
Percent Complete% Complete

Refer to the image below.

Gantt Chart in SharePoint

11. Once everything is done, click on OK. Now you can see the SharePoint Task list view [Team Tasks Gantt View] will appear like below:

SharePoint Gantt Chart View

12. To get the SharePoint Gantt view, click on ellipses () -> Select the Gantt view [Team Tasks Gantt View] as shown below.

SharePoint Online Gantt View

In this way, we can create a Gantt Chart view in SharePoint.

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In this SharePoint tutorial, we looked at the Gantt Chart View in SharePoint and the advantages of utilizing Gantt Charts for project management. Additionally, I covered how to create a Gantt chart view in SharePoint.

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  • It should be noted that this is for classic Sharepoint, and gantt views are not supported in modern Sharepoint Lists. They can be created in the settings page, and viewed using the generated URL, but you cannot use the view switcher to get to them and they cannot be added to Teams as a Lists tab.

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