How to Create Power Apps Quiz App?

The Power Apps quiz app means it is a survey app that contains single or multiple questions where each question has multiple-choice options.

You can follow this complete Power Apps tutorial to get an idea to create a PowerApps quiz app with a simple scenario.

Power Apps Quiz App

The Power Apps Quiz App is a user-friendly application designed to make a quiz to test the knowledge of the participants.

Suppose in the Power Apps app, I have created 3 different screens [Welcome Screen, Quiz Screen, and Sucess Screen]. The Quiz Screen contains multiple numbers of questions (with multiple-choice options).

power apps quiz template

When a user completes the task or quiz, all the user answers are saved into Data sources like SharePoint, Excel, etc. At the same time, the Success Screen appears.

power apps quiz

To work around this, follow the below-mentioned steps. Such as:

1. I have created a SharePoint Online list named “Quiz Details” and this list contains the below fields.

Column NameData Type
ParticipantIt is a default single line of text
Quiz1Multiple lines of text
Quiz2Multiple lines of text
Quiz3Multiple lines of text
Quiz4Multiple lines of text
Quiz5Multiple lines of text


Quiz1, Quiz2, Quiz3, Quiz4, Quiz5: These are multiple-line text columns. My app will have only four multiple-choice questions, so I have created only four columns. You can create more columns depending on your number of questions.
powerapps quiz

2. Open Power Apps -> Create a Blank canvas app with a Mobile layout and connect it to the respective SharePoint Online list, as shown below.

power apps mobile questionnaires

3. Rename the Power Apps default screen [Welcome Screen] and insert the below control to make the screen more attractive and responsive. Such as:

  • Text label = To provide the welcome message [Welcome to Power Apps Quiz]
  • Image control = We can add an image from the local device or stock images to make the app more attractive
  • Button control = We can use this button control to navigate to another screen [Quiz Screen]
mobile questionnaires for power apps

4. Next, insert another blank screen [Quiz Screen] and insert the below control. Such as:

  • Text labels = I have inserted five text labels for five different questions and set their Text property, like below.
make a quiz app
  • Radio buttons = Likewise, I have added five radio button controls to provide the choices for the respective questions using its Items property.
app to create a quiz
  • Submit icon = To submit the answers to the SharePoint Online list and navigate to the success screen
powerapps questionnaire

5. Now, go to the Welcome Screen -> Select the Button control [Let’s Start] and set its OnSelect property to the code below.

OnSelect = Navigate('Quiz Screen',ScreenTransition.None)


  • ‘Quiz Screen’ = Power Apps second screen name
how to make a quiz app

6. Next, insert another screen [Success Screen] and add the below controls. Such as:

  • Text labels = To add a success message [Your Quiz Details Submitted Successfully] and a thanks message [THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING!!]
  • Image control = We can add the background image to the screen
how to create a survey in power apps

7. Finally, select the Submit icon from the second screen [Quiz Screen] and set its OnSelect property to the code below.

OnSelect = Patch(
    'Quiz Details',
    Defaults('Quiz Details'),
        Title: User().FullName,
        Quiz1: Radio_Quiz1.SelectedText.Value,
        Quiz2: Radio_Quiz2.SelectedText.Value,
        Quiz3: Radio_Quiz3.SelectedText.Value,
        Quiz4: Radio_Quiz4.SelectedText.Value,
        Quiz5: Radio_Quiz5.SelectedText.Value
Navigate('Success Screen');


  • ‘Quiz Details’ = SharePoint Online list
  • User().FullName = We can use this function to log in user name
  • Quiz1: Radio_Quiz1, Quiz1: Radio_Quiz2, Quiz1: Radio_Quiz3, etc. = Power Apps Radio button control names
  • ‘Success Screen’ = Power Apps third screen name
how to create a quiz in sharepoint

8. Once your app is ready, Save, Publish, and Preview it. Whenever the user clicks on the Let’s Start button from the Welcome Screen, the app will navigate or redirect to the Quiz Screen, where the user selects the answers.

create a quiz app in powerapps

9. Once you complete the quiz with selected options, click on the submit icon. When you click on the Finish button, the quiz answer details will be saved into the SharePoint List (Quiz Details).

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Also, at the same time, the “Sucess Screen” will appear. Have a look at the below screenshot for the output.

how to create quiz in sharepoint

10. Open the SharePoint Online List (Quiz Details), where you will get the user’s answer details, including his or her full name, as shown in the screenshot below.

powerapps quiz questions and answers

This is how we can create or make a Power Apps quiz app.

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I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any requirements related to the Power Apps quiz app, you can follow this tutorial until the end to get an idea of how to do it.

  • Please be more specific in the Quiz screen, Thank you

    “Questions: I have inserted four Labels for four different questions and set their Text property.
    Options: These are the Powerapps Radio Button controls where I have inserted the choice values on their Items property.”

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