How to Change Organization Name and Contact Details in Office 365

In this Office 365 tutorial, we will discuss how to change organization information in Office 365. We will see how to change the Organization name as well as contact details in Office 365.

Note: You must be a global administrator to change the Office 365 organization information.

Change organization name in Office 365

To change Organization details follow the below steps:

Login to Office 365 admin center. Then click on Settings -> Settings from the left navigation.

office 365 change organization name

Then in the Settings page, click on Organization profile -> Organization information like below:

change contact details in office 365

This will open the Organization information page, where you can see the Organization details like below:

how to change organisation details in office 365

You can change the Organization name and address like below:

change organization name in office 365

Change contact details in Office 365

In the same page, scroll down and you can see the contact details like Phone, Technical contact (email address).

This is the same business email address that you must have provided while sign up for Office 365 business account.

Also, here you can change Preferred language in Office 365 like below:

change contact details in office 365

How to change country in Office 365

If you want to change the country or region in your Office 365 account, then it is not possible.

Because based on the country you have selected, you will get the services are available to you, the taxes and billing currency, and the location of the data center.

If you really wants to change, you have to take a new Office 365 subscription.

So while sign up make sure to chose the Country correctly in the Office 365.

how to change country in Office 365

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In this Office 365 tutorial, we discussed, how to change organization name and contact details in Office 365 tenant.

Also, we saw we can not change country in Office 365.