SharePoint Site Regional Settings

SharePoint Online regional settings basically allow you to customize how dates, times, and numbers are displayed in your SharePoint site based on your location or language preferences.

In this tutorial, We will discuss SharePoint Online regional settings and how to change SharePoint Online regional settings.

Additionally, we will discuss the topics below:

  • Change SharePoint Online site timezone
  • SharePoint Online site change language
  • SharePoint Online change regional settings all sites

SharePoint Regional Settings

You Know, in organizations, users from various regions or time zones can access SharePoint Online sites. Thus, it’s crucial to configure the time zone, languages, and other settings for your SharePoint sites to ensure that users see the correct time and information.

Users are typically familiar with their local time zone. For instance, if you schedule a meeting in one country’s time zone and invite a user from another time zone, that user would likely prefer to see the meeting time displayed in their local time zone.


To change the SharePoint regional settings, you must have permissions as a SharePoint site owner or site collection administrator.

With the help of SharePoint regional settings, we can change below things:

  • Time Zone = Change the time zone to match the region’s local time.
  • Locale = Adjust the language and cultural preferences to suit the region.
  • Sort Order = Modify how items are arranged or organized.
  • Calendar = Set up the type of calendar used, like Gregorian or Hijri.
  • Alternate Calendar = Choose a secondary calendar system.
  • Work week = Determine which days constitute the workweek, like Monday to Friday or Sunday to Thursday.
  • Time Format = Specify how time is displayed, such as 12-hour or 24-hour format.

Configure Regional Settings in SharePoint Online

To check the default regional settings for a SharePoint Online site, follow these steps:

1. Open the SharePoint Online site for which you want to view the regional settings. Then click on the settings icon. Then click on Site information. On the Site Information, click View all site settings.

2. Then, under “Site Administration,” click “Regional settings.”

site settings in sharepoint online

3. This will open the Regional Settings, and you can see the sharepoint online default regional settings.

sharepoint list regional settings

Here, you can change the Regional Settings as per your requirements, then click OK to save the changes.

Change SharePoint Online Site Timezone

Let’s see how to change the time zone on the SharePoint Online site.

Open the SharePoint site and navigate to the Regional Settings page. From there, you can select your required time zone. Ideally, you should choose the time zone where most of the users are based out of your organization.

sharepoint time zone settings

After clicking OK, the time zone of the SharePoint site will change. This adjustment will affect the entire site for all users unless a user has personalized time zone settings.

SharePoint Online Site Change Language

Let’s see how to change the language on the SharePoint Online site.

Open the SharePoint site and navigate to the Regional Settings page. From there, you can select your required language. Then click on OK.

how to change language in sharepoint

This way, you can change the language in your SharePoint online site.

SharePoint Online Change Regional Settings All Sites

The default regional settings of the SharePoint Online sites are based on the regional settings selected during the Microsoft 365 tenant creation.

If you need to set the time zone for all SharePoint sites, follow these steps:

Navigate to the SharePoint admin center. Under Settings, click on “Site creation.” You can set the default time zone for all SharePoint sites in your organization, then click “Save” to apply the settings.

How to set the time zone for all SharePoint sites

Setting the time zone for all SharePoint sites from the admin center affects future sites. However, if you need to change the time zone for an already created site, you’ll have to manually adjust the time zone settings for each site individually.

In this article, we explored how to adjust regional settings in SharePoint Online. We discussed changing the timezone, modifying language settings, and adjusting regional preferences across all sites.

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