Scheduled Power BI report data refresh

In this Microsoft Power BI Tutorial, We will discuss how to refresh the Power BI Data automatically on a schedular basis.

Power BI report data refresh

Basically, When we are modifying or updating some new data in the list or in any application, It cannot refresh automatically. For that, We are using the Refresh button every time to update the Power BI Report. But, normally it should not be.

It should be an auto-refresh on a particular time period. That means, At a specific time, the report will update automatically without using the Refresh button. To refresh the data on a scheduled basis, follow these below steps:


In the Power BI Report Server page, Go to My workspace from left navigation and click on the Datasets tab from the top of the page.

Go to your Power BI Report that you want to make it schedule. Click on the Schedule refresh icon which is present on the right side of the report.

Also, you can open the Schedule refresh page by using the more (…) option and selecting the Settings option.

power bi auto refresh


Once you will click on the Schedule refresh icon, the below page will appear. Go to the Datasets tab from the top and then expand the Scheduled refresh option.

When you will expand the Schedules refresh option, you will see there will disable the Keep your data up to date option. Just toggle on this option.

power bi schedular data refresh


When you will toggle on the switch of Keep your data up to date option, then the rest of the other options will also enable. You need to fill these below options as:

  • Refresh frequency: Select the refresh frequency either you want it Daily refresh or Weekly refresh.
  • Time zone: Select a time zone from the drop-down that depends upon your area zone.
  • Time: Insert a time that helps to refresh the data automatically.
  • Add another time: If you want to refresh the data more than one time, then you can select this option and insert the time that you want.
  • Send refresh failure notifications to the dataset owner: If you want to get the failure notifications of data refresh, then check this option.
  • Email these users when the refresh fails: Enter the Email addresses of those users who will get the failure notifications when the refresh fails.

Once completing all these things, simply click on the Apply button as below screenshot.

power bi report data refresh

Then the data will refresh automatically at a particular time that you gave. Once the data refresh is done in the Power BI Report Server, then the refresh details will look like below screen.

It will show the Last refresh succeeded message and as well as the Next refresh when it will happen.

If you want to view the refresh history, then simply click on the Refresh history link as shown below.

power bi report data refresh

In the Refresh history page, you can view the Scheduled refresh details as like the below screenshot.

power bi desktop scheduled refresh

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Hence in this Microsoft Power BI Tutorial, We discussed how to refresh Power BI report data automatically on a schedular basis.