Power bi free vs pro vs premium

In this Power BI Tutorial, we will discuss what is the difference between Power BI Free, Pro, and Premium.

Also, We will see, for a particular user, which type of Power BI License he/she needs to share the report with others in an Organization.

Before using the Power BI Tool, an end-user might think that what type of Power BI Service he/she should use and what are the benefits he/she will get. Here, We will learn all the types of Power BI licensing.

Power BI Free

  • Power BI Free License is the type of license where a user can sign up by registering this link: Power BI Free License
  • By using a Free license, a user can get 10GB of storage in the cloud. 1GB is the maximum size of the Power BI Report that can be hosted in the cloud.
  • The most important thing to use Power BI Free license is, a Power BI Report can refresh up to 8 times per day with an interval of 30 minutes between each refresh.
  • This free version is used only for own self-analysis, also, no need to distribute your self-analysis to other users. You can get some connectivity options like Power BI Gateway, Power BI Direct Query, Live connection, etc.

Disadvantages of Power BI Free License

Also, there are some disadvantages to use the free version such as:

  1. A user cannot share any Power BI Report or Dashboard to others.
  2. A user cannot create App Workspaces.

Power BI Pro License

  • Power BI Pro License is used for the individual user only. Those users who have Power BI Pro License, they can connect to hundreds of data sources on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Let’s take an example. Suppose, in your organization, 30 people are using the Power BI tool. So in this case, you need to buy 30 licenses of Power BI Pro which will give the users full access to create Power BI Reports and Dashboards.
  • In your organization, if there are a lot of users who are using the Power BI tool, then in that case Power BI Pro can become more expensive. Instead of Power BI Pro, you can use Power BI Premium License Service.
  • The main advantage of Power BI Pro is, you can share the Power BI reports, Power BI Dashboards with others who have a Power BI Pro License.
  • By using Power BI Pro service, a user can also create App workspaces. 10GB is the Data Storage Limit per pro user.

Power bi free vs pro

The below table represents the difference between Power BI Free and Pro License. Understand power bi free vs pro.

Power BI Free Power BI Pro
Create reports and Dashboards Yes Yes
Publish to web Yes Yes
Publish to SharePoint No Yes
Data Capacity 10 GB 10 GB
Maximum size (Data model) 1 GB 1 GB
Connect to 70+ Data Sources Yes Yes
Peer-to-peer Sharing No Yes
Export to PowerPoint, Excel, CSV Yes Yes
Schedule Refresh 8 per day (24 hours) 8 per day (24 hours)
Minimum time interval between two refresh 30 minutes 30 minutes
Data streaming 1 Million rows per hour 1 Million rows per hour
Enterprise Distribution
Apps No Yes
Email Subscriptions No Yes
Embed APIs and controls No Yes
App workspaces No Yes
Analyze in Excel, Analyze in Power BI Desktop No Yes

Power BI Premium

  • Like a Power BI Free or Pro license, this Power BI Premium license is not an individual user-based license. The Power BI Premium license provides a large capacity for all users in the organization.
  • The maximum size of a Power BI Premium license is 50 GB and the size of Data storage is 100 TB.
  • With a premium Power BI license, you can make an app from the reports and dashboards and share it with users, who just can have a free license to use them.
  • Power Bi premium license also allows users to view and interact with reports and Dashboards hosted on a Premium workspace, with just a free license.

Power bi pro vs premium

Microsoft provides a very good comparision table of Power bi pro vs premium. It listed all the features available in Power BI pro as well as Power BI premium.

Power BI Pro is available in Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription.

At the time of publishing this blog, a Power BI Pro license costs around $9.99 per user per month. Similarly, a Power BI Premium license costs $4,995 per month for the entire organization.

You can have a look at Power bi pro vs premium.

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