How to get manager email or name in Microsoft Flow (Power Automate)

In the Microsoft flow or power automate tutorial we will discuss how to get manager email ID, name or other properties like department, phone number in Microsoft flow.

There will be a number of places where you may be required to get the logged in user manager’s email ID or display name in Microsoft flow. Maybe you are doing a leave approval flow in SharePoint Online or maybe you are doing a laptop request flow for your employees, you require the email address of the manager.

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Microsoft provides an out of box action in flow, by using which we can get the manager’s email ID or other properties.

Microsoft flow get manager v2 gives the manager’s email ID or display name.

Microsoft flow get manager email (get manager v2)

Here we will create a button flow and in that button flow, we will add get manager V2 flow action which will give us the manager email ID and then we will use an email flow action to send an email to the manager.

Open And sign in with your office 365 credentials if you have a flow license then you can use the same credentials also.

Then click on create and then select instant flow which we can Trigger manually when required.

You can also use any of the Microsoft flow templates to create an instant flow on button flow like below:

microsoft flow get manager of user

Here, provide a flow name and select how to trigger this flow as manually trigger a flow like below:

microsoft flow get manager v2

Once you click on create, it will create the flow and here we can click on + New step to add get manager V2 to flow action.

power automate get manager

You search for get manager and you can see get manager V2 Microsoft flow action, select it to add into our flow. 

flow get manager email

In User (UPN) provide the user principal name or email id in get manager V2 flow action.

Once you click on the textbox, you can see various dynamic properties, from there select user email like below:

microsoft flow get manager email

If you are using the get manager (v2) flow action with the SharePoint list, then you can select the list item created by email id property also. But since this is a button flow, we will not have that property.

Next, we will add another flow action to send an email to the user.

Click on + New step and select Mail and then select Send an email notification (V3) like below:

flow get manager

Click on To and from the dynamic properties you can select Mail, since we will send email to the manager.

You can also select other dynamic properties like job title, mobile Phone, my site, display name, give a name looks like below:

how to get user's manager in flow

Then in the subject, you can provide anything. Here also if you want to use managers’ properties, then you can select from the dynamic content of properties.

In the email body, you can write an email body, just to show you that we can retrieve other properties like display name, I have selected the display name property of the manager.

how to get manager of user in microsoft flow

Finally the Microsoft flow will look like below:

microsoft flow get manager email

Save the flow and now we can run it and test the Microsoft flow.

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Run and Test the Microsoft Flow

To run the instant flow, go to My Flows and then click on the Run button like below:

how to use get manager v2 in microsoft flow

Now, the manager will receive an email like below:

microsoft flow get manager v2 1

You can also check the status of the flow, by click on the link in the flow details page.

power automate get manager

Below in the Get manager (V2) flow action, you can see after it runs successfully, you can see various properties of the manager like Business Phone, Department, Job title, Mail, Nice name etc.

flow get manager

Below are few more properties of the manager.

ms flow get manager

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In this Microsoft flow tutorial, we discussed how to get manager email using get manager (v2) action in Microsoft flow.

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    The flow you designed works under a user account, and if the account is blocked, or MFA is required, that may cause issue. Even worse if the user is no more in the organization, the flow is not usable.
    Are you aware of any combination of solution like that would allow us to create flows (or Azure Logic Apps) without relying on a username and password?

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