Error=Value=QuotaExceeded in SharePoint

Recently, while uploading a media file to a SharePoint Online document library, I encountered an error that says: Error=Value=QuotaExceeded, Tag=0x2258b7d8, Message=Exception=Microsoft.SharePoint.spexception, Message=An unexpected error has occurred., Chained=(Value=2147944216, Message=An unexpected error has occurred.)

sharepoint error=value=quotaexceeded

This error message occurs because the SharePoint site has reached its storage quota limit. In this tutorial, I will explain how to resolve this error with just a few clicks.

Error=value=quota exceeded SharePoint

Now, I will show you where I got this error message:

In my SharePoint site I have a document library, ‘FinancialStatements’. When I upload one of my files, we encounter this error.

error=value=cobaltallzerosdetected tag=0x0121d3da

In this way, I encounter an error=value=quotaexceeded error in SharePoint Online.

Error=value=quota exceeded SharePoint [Solved]

Encountering the “quota exceeded” error in SharePoint typically happens when you’ve reached the storage limit set for your site. To resolve this, you can either increase the quota if possible or free up space by deleting unnecessary files.

Now, I will tell you how to increase the storage quota limit manually. To do this, follow the below steps:

1. To solve the SharePoint quota exceeded error, log in to the SharePoint Online Admin Center. Click on the Settings, then on the Settings page, click Site storage limits.

quotaexceeded sharepoint

2. Then, open the Site Storage Limits page. Here, select ‘Manual‘ and click on ‘Save.’

sharepoint quota exceeded

3. Now, go to the Active sites page and select the site where you want to increase the storage quota. Then, click on the three dots (…) and choose ‘Storage‘.

quota exceeded sharepoint

4. After clicking, the Edit storage limit page will open. Now, set the maximum storage for this site according to your needs. In my case, it was previously set to 1000, but I’m increasing it to 2000. Don’t forget to check the ‘Allow notifications’ box. Then click Save.

sharepoint error quota exceeded

5. When you reopen the Document library and try to upload the file again, you will see that your file has been successfully uploaded.

sharepoint storage limit exceeded

This way, you can solve error=value=quotaexceeded in SharePoint Online.

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This tutorial taught us where you encounter the ‘value=quotaexceeded’ error and explained why we might get this type of error. It also showed how to increase the storage quota limit manually.

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