Create a PowerApps App from PowerApps template

In this PowerApps tutorial, I will explain how to create a PowerApps App from PowerApps template. We will see what are various PowerApps templates available. Learn Asset Checkout PowerApps template and how to use Asset Checkout PowerApps templates to create PowerApps App.

Here we will discuss how to create PowerApps App using “Asset Checkout” app template in Microsoft PowerApps. This template provides to reserve products such as laptop, mouse, and keyboard. When our business requirement is to reserve the products then we can use the “Asset Checkout” template to develop the PowerApps App.

According to our requirement, we can customize the PowerApps form, for example, we can change app theme and add the background image and we can edit the data the form.

The beauty of “Asset Checkout” template, without writing a single line of code, you can design the form simply by using out of box features.

Create a Microsoft PowerApps App

First, we will create a Microsoft PowerApps App or form.

To create a new PowerApps App, open Then Sign in with the Username and password.

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From the left side, panel Click on Apps -> Create an app to create a new PowerApps App.

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create powerapps app
create powerapps app

Choose the “Canvas App”. Now Choose the “App templates” from all the templates. Choose any one “Phone layout” or “Tablet layout”.

free powerapps templates
free powerapps templates

Choose “Asset Checkout template” To Create Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft provides lots of PowerApps templates like Asset Checkout, Budget Tracker, Cost Estimator, Employee Engagement Survey, Health Plan Selector, Leave Request, etc.

Click on the “Asset Checkout” from the Templates.

sharepoint 2013 asset management template
SharePoint 2013 asset management template

You can see the Preview of the template and then click on Use.

best powerapps examples
best PowerApps examples

Designing PowerApps App using “Asset Checkout” PowerApps template

In the Left side panel, we can able to see all the individual screen like HomeScreen, Catagory Screen, ReviewScreen, etc. Individual screen wise how we will change our data. Whatever we will use the control it will mention in the left side panel.

For example, In the Designer page text box is used so it is mentioned in the left side panel.

powerapps templates download
PowerApps templates download

In the middle panel of, we will see the designer page where we can design the page. It is merely the UI page when a user opens the Apps this page will visible. Whatever we did the changes it will display in the designer page.

powerapps download
PowerApps download

In the left side panel, we can able to change the design page layout. In this page, we can change each page layout. We will also Change the Page properties, we can add the rules on the page.

powerapps templates download
PowerApps templates download

Change Theme of PowerApps App or form

Here we will see how to change the theme of PowerApps App or form. To change the Theme go to the Home page, Click on Theme. In the Theme, we can able to see all the Theme collection. Choose any one of it.

powerapps templates
PowerApps templates

Change/add background image in PowerApps App

We can add the background image to our “PowerApps” app. To add the Image Open the home screen and choose Properties and upload the image in the Background image. Here I have browsed the image from the local system. Now our background image will automatically be changed.

best PowerApps examples

To see the element details Click on the element.

Here I have clicked on “Mouse” to check the mouse details.

best powerapps example
best PowerApps example

Here We will see all the mouse details. I want to see the wireless mouse details whose model number is 2341XYXZ .so I have clicked on the wireless mouse.

powerapps templates download
PowerApps templates download

Now we can able to see all the wireless mouse details, availability of mouse.

powerapps templates download
PowerApps templates download

To reserve the Wireless mouse click on Checkout. In the reserve screenName, an Email field and reserve for how many months field are there. We can change to year and days. Here I have chosen months, So for 20 months from today, the wireless mouse will be reserved. Click on Reserve.

powerapps templates download
PowerApps templates download

Now we will see a message that our products are reserved for 20 months.


Save Microsoft PowerApps form or App

To save the PowerApps form go to file. In the left side panel, we will see “App settings“. Fill out below things:

  • App name: Give a name for the PowerApps App
  • Icon: Chose an icon from the Icons and also you can change the Background color.
  • Description: Put a description of the PowerApps App.
create powerapps form
create powerapps form

To save the PowerApps form click on “Save” from the left side panel. The Save as the page will open. Click on Save.

powerapps templates
PowerApps templates

Now our PowerApps is Saved. Now it is asking for “Share this app“. To Share the Microsoft PowerApps App, click on Share this app.

microsoft powerapps examples
microsoft PowerApps examples

Now one page will come asking for email id and name with whom we want to Share the Microsoft PowerApps. Click on Share.

powerapps themes
PowerApps themes

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In the above PowerApps blog, we saw how to create a new PowerApps using “Asset Checkout” template. What are the things we can customize in the “Asset Checkout template”. How we can customize the PowerApps form how to change the Theme, how to add a background image. We also learned how to save the Microsoft PowerApps App and share with the other user.