Power Apps Modern Controls

Power Apps provides a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that allows users, even those without extensive coding knowledge, to build custom applications quickly. And within Power Apps, a set of tools known as ‘Modern Controls‘ enhances this application-building process.

Power Apps Modern Controls refer to the updated and improved versions of the traditional controls used in app development. Some of the Power Apps Modern Controls are Badge, Button, Dropdown, Information button, Link, etc.

The Power Apps Modern Controls are listed below, and each control is described using various scenarios.

Modern ControlDescription
BadgePower Apps Badge Control is a type of informative token that shows quick details like a user’s task indicator. Usually, it provides a quick way to see the alert or important message without having to read a lengthy text.
ButtonPower Apps Modern Button control is an input control that allows users to interact with the app by clicking or tapping on it. The user is intended to perform tasks and navigate an interface.
DropdownA list or collection of items known as the Power Apps Modern Dropdown Control appears when the Chevron menu is selected.
Information buttonA Modern Information button Control in an app provides more information or context about a specific feature, field, or value. Using the Power Apps Information button control, app developers can simply help and support users.
LinkA Power Apps Modern Link Control is an accessible component that sends people to a website. When a user clicks on the link, that particular link or URL website page appears in a new tab on their system.
Progress BarThe Power Apps Modern Progress Bar can be configured to show various stages of progress. This customizable control can be applied to the app to inform users of their progress.
Tab listPower Apps Modern Tab list is a navigational tool that enables users to switch between contexts inside an app. You can either place a list of items there to make it appear in tabs or select a field from a data table.
Text inputAn input box called Power Apps Modern Text Control allows users to enter text, numbers, and other kinds of data or information.
Date pickerPower Apps Modern Date picker control allows the user to select to enter a date.
Checkbox ControlThe user can change the value of a modern checkbox control from true to false by choosing or clearing it.
RadioThis is a type of input control where users can only select one choice at a time from a list of options.
Power Apps Modern Controls

You can now employ the modern controls described above in Power Apps.