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This SharePoint development training course will teach SharePoint development from beginner to advanced levels. After the training you will become an expert in SharePoint & can start working with SharePoint Online Office 365 and SharePoint 2019/2016/2013 and SharePoint Migration. It’s an online self-paced course that you can learn right away. It is having full of practical & real-time examples.


You can see the dedication and detail put into each module of their courses, I don't think there is a more complete course in the market. Additionally, I made a mistake buying and the answer exceeded my expectations, very grateful and I recommend this course for those who are doubting which SharePoint training course to buy, if they need a little classic and modern SharePoint this is their best option.
SharePoint development training
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My name is Bijay Kumar and I will be your trainer throughout this SharePoint development training course.

I have been working in SharePoint since 2008. During this period, I have been worked with various small to large organizations. My aim in this training is to provide you the best SharePoint developer learning experience. I have been highly passionate about learning and teaching SharePoint and have trained hundreds of SharePoint enthusiasts to use SharePoint the most efficient way.

I have also been recognized as a SharePoint MVP by Microsoft for my passion to learn and teach people on using SharePoint the right way as much as possible.

Let us learn SharePoint and be a master in SharePoint development!

Complete SharePoint Training Course Module

SharePoint Development training course is a 100% online self-paced video course where you get access to all the lessons and download files as soon as you register. All the lessons are based on practical and real-time examples which will help you to learn SharePoint easily.

The SharePoint developer training course consists of 24 modules which will helpful to you to learn SharePoint from basic to advanced level.

The training covers both SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premise versions, and Microsoft Azure.

Module-1: Introduction to SharePoint, Office 365, and SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online developer training
  • SharePoint introduction & features
  • Different ways to access SharePoint
  • SharePoint On-premises & SharePoint Online
  • Introduction to Office 365 & SharePoint Online
  • Advantages of SharePoint Online
  • Office 365 Plans
  • Sign up for an Office 365 subscription
  • Sign up for an Office 365 E5 Trial
  • Add users & setup licenses
  • Access Outlook Calendar etc.
  • Office 365 & SharePoint Online Admin Center go through
  • How to enable Self service password reset in Office 365
  • How to Change Office 365 Theme

Module-2: SharePoint Site Collection and Site

  • SharePoint Site Collection, Sites and Subsites
  • Best Practices for SharePoint site URL
  • Create new SharePoint site collection & Subsite (Classic)
  • Classic SharePoint site collection overview
  • SharePoint Site Collection or Site?
  • How to change SharePoint Online Site URL in Details
  • SharePoint site customization
  • SharePoint Site templates
  • SharePoint site collection features and site features
  • Create custom theme in SharePoint online
  • SharePoint Online storage limits
  • SharePoint Customization
SharePoint Online developer training course

Module-3: SharePoint List & Document Library

SharePoint List and Document Library training
  • SharePoint Classic List & Libraries
  • Various list & library features
  • SharePoint list versioning, content approval
  • SharePoint columns
  • Calculated Columns
  • List Column Validations
  • How does file attachment work in a list?
  • Setting up Alerts
  • Working with SharePoint List Title Column
  • SharePoint list views
  • Create Indexed Columns
  • SharePoint Site Columns
  • SharePoint Site Content Types
  • List Template
  • List Throttling
  • Working with Document libraries (Classic)
  • Working with columns
  • Check-in, check out, versioning etc
  • Set up alerts in a document library and more features
  • Create a list from excel in SharePoint Online
  • Open SharePoint List in Excel + Update excel from SharePoint list automatically
  • Microsoft Lists – New Microsoft 365 App
  • Commenting Feature in SharePoint Online list and Microsoft Lists
  • SharePoint Change Column Order List or Library Forms and SharePoint List Views
  • SharePoint Online calendar web part or event web part

Module-4: SharePoint Online Modern Experience

  • SharePoint Online modern experience
  • Modern team sites (create & customize)
  • Various SharePoint Online modern web parts
  • Modern site navigation
  • Modern SharePoint Online site pages
  • What is not possible in modern experience in SharePoint?
  • Set modern home page in classic site
  • SharePoint Online modern list top features
  • SharePoint Online modern document libraries features
  • Show or Hide Columns from Modern SharePoint Online List Forms or Views (Easiest Way)
  • How to use Choice Column Formatting in SharePoint List
  • SharePoint Online modern page customization and Create modern page SharePoint Online PnP PowerShell
SharePoint Online modern experience training

Module-5: SharePoint Permission Management

SharePoint Online developer training in india
  • SharePoint permission management introduction
  • Default permission groups
  • Access Request Settings
  • SharePoint Permission Levels
  • Custom Permission Levels
  • SharePoint list level and item level permissions
  • Active Directory Groups vs SharePoint Groups
  • Unique permissions to SharePoint Pages based on Users
  • Give unique permission to a folder in SharePoint Online document library
  • SharePoint Online External Sharing
  • SharePoint Audience Targeting

Module-6: SharePoint Pages and Web Parts

  • Various SharePoint Pages (Wiki Page, Web Part Page, Publishing Page, Site/Application Page)
  • Minimal Download Strategy (MDS)
  • Introduction to SharePoint We Parts
  • Various SharePoint Web Parts
  • Web Part Properties
  • List view web part
  • SharePoint web part examples
  • Hero Web Part in SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Online quick chart web part
  • SharePoint Online highlighted content web part
SharePoint Online training

Module-7: SharePoint Online Development + PnP SharePoint

sharepoint online development
  • GitHub Tutorial – Download Install and Use GitHub
  • HTML tutorial
  • CSS tutorial
  • jQuery Tutorial
  • JavaScript tutorial
  • JavaScript Client Object Model (JSOM)
  • CSOM SharePoint (C#)
  • CSOM SharePoint Examples
  • SharePoint Rest API with Examples
  • AngularJS SharePoint Examples
  • PnP SharePoint Core Library with Example
  • Create List, Library, Folder and sub folders using PnP
  • Create Delete Sub Site using PnP SharePoint CSOM
  • Create Site Column, Content type and list using PnP CSOM
  • CSOM with Multiple Factor Authentication
  • Working with Large List in SharePoint Online
  • Retrieve more than 5000 items using Rest API
  • Retrieve more than 5000 items using Rest API – DataTables
  • Insert more than 5000 items to SharePoint Online list using JSOM and Rest API

Module-8: Microsoft Azure

  • What is Microsoft Azure and How does Microsoft Azure Works
  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Create an azure free account (without credit card)
  • How to connect to Azure and Azure AD from PowerShell
  • How to work with users in Azure Active Directory
microsoft azure for sharepoint

Module-9: SharePoint Apps or Add-ins

sharepoint online development training
  • Introductions to SharePoint Apps/Add-ins
  • Limitations of SharePoint Solutions
  • Advantages of SharePoint Apps
  • SharePoint Hosted Apps
  • SharePoint Provider Hosted Apps
  • SharePoint developer sites
  • SharePoint App Catalog site
  • Create and Deploy SharePoint Hosted Apps using visual studio
  • Create site column, content type, list using SharePoint hosted app
  • Create list in Host Web using jsom in SharePoint Hosted Add-in
  • Various SharePoint hosted Apps Examples
  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  • Create a web app in Azure
  • Create and Deploy Provider Hosted Add-in to Microsoft Azure using VS 2017 (Examples)

Module-10: SharePoint Workflows

  • Introduction to SharePoint workflows
  • Workflow platforms, workflow manager & various workflow components
  • Various Out of box workflows
  • Three state workflow in SharePoint
  • Introduction to SharePoint designer 2013
  • SharePoint designer 2013 Workflows
  • SharePoint designer workflow advantages
  • New and deprecated workflows actions in SharePoint designer workflow
  • Create workflow using SharePoint designer 2013
  • Move workflows from one site to another site
  • SharePoint list workflows Examples
  • SharePoint designer workflow examples – Assign a task, Site workflow (initiation form parameters), Reusable Workflow, Copy item, App Step
  • SharePoint designer 2013 workflow multi-level approval, Approves from SharePoint List
  • SharePoint Designer Workflow Example – Product Request
  • SharePoint site workflows Examples
  • SharePoint Reusable workflows Examples
  • Create workflows using Visual Studio
sharepoint online development training in india

Module-11: SharePoint Customization and Branding

sharepoint online development training course
  • Introduction to SharePoint customization and branding
  • Why branding in important for any organization
  • Introduction to SharePoint master page
  • Create master page using existing master page in SharePoint Online
  • Create a custom master page from HTML page using SharePoint design manager
  • Customize existing master page using SharePoint designer 2013

Module-12: Enterprise Content Management

  • Introduction to Enterprise Content Management
  • Enterprise metadata and keywords
  • Metadata navigation settings for list and document libraries
  • Term store in SharePoint Online
  • Working with groups, term sets and terms
  • Record Management in SharePoint Online
sharepoint online development training course

Module-13: SharePoint Search

sharepoint online development training in USA
  • Introduction to SharePoint search
  • SharePoint search architecture
  • SharePoint classic site vs modern search
  • Content query web part example
  • Content search web part example
  • Content query vs Content search web part
  • Result Sources Content Search Web Part and Display templates
  • SharePoint Content Search Web Part
  • SharePoint Display Templates

Module-14: PowerShell SharePoint

  • Introduction to PowerShell SharePoint
  • Working with PowerShell in SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Online Management Shell
  • SharePoint Document Property Promotion
  • PowerShell ISE
  • Advantages of PowerShell ISE
  • Connect to SharePoint Online using CSOM
  • Various PowerShell Examples
  • PnP PowerShell Setup
  • PnP PowerShell Commands
  • Disable Versioning in SharePoint document library using PowerShell and PnP PowerShell
sharepoint online development training in UK

Module-15: Business Connectivity Services

sharepoint 2013 developer training videos
  • Introduction to Business Connectivity Services
  • Create external content type using SharePoint designer 2013
  • Create an external list in SharePoint
  • SharePoint Business Data List web parts

Module-16: Microsoft InfoPath

  • Introduction to Microsoft InfoPath 2013
  • Create and Deploy InfoPath forms to SharePoint Online
  • InfoPath list and library forms
  • InfoPath alternatives in SharePoint Online
  • Working with InfoPath Rules
  • Publish InfoPath form to form library and content types
  • Show hide section using rules InfoPath 2013 SharePoint Online
  • Customize SharePoint Online List using InfoPath Designer 2013
  • InfoPath 2013 allow Multiple attachments
  • InfoPath Show and Hide section using Rules
  • SharePoint Online InfoPath Designer 2013 Calculate Age from Date Of Birth
sharepoint 2013 development online training

Module-17: Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps training course
  • Introduction to The Power Platform
  • What is Power Apps and Licensing
  • Canvas apps vs Model-driven apps
  • Create your first app in Power Apps
  • Overview of Power Apps Studio
  • Customize Power Apps App Part-1
  • Customize Power Apps App Part-2
  • Customize Power Apps App Part-3
  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerApps
  • PowerApps vs InfoPath
  • Different ways to Access Microsoft PowerApps
  • PowerApps licensing
  • PowerApps Templates
  • Create PowerApps from excel data source
  • Various Controls in PowerApps
  • Working with PowerApps Collection
  • PowerApps Gallery Control
  • PowerApps context variables
  • PowerApps global variables
  • Design Email Interface and send email from PowerApps
  • Customize SharePoint Online List form using PowerApps
  • Working with PowerApps Screens
  • Create a new PowerApps App to connect to an existing SharePoint Online list
  • PowerApps Data Table Filter based on value from another Data table
  • PowerApps Data Table Edit using Gallery Control
  • Working with a Choice column in SharePoint Online list in PowerApps
  • Build navigation in PowerApps forms
  • PowerApps Collect, Clear, ClearCollection Functions
  • Switch Case in PowerApps
  • Create Tabs dynamically from SharePoint List
  • Show Hide Columns based on selected tab
  • PowerApps People Picker control
  • PowerApps Yes/No control
  • PowerApps Filter function
  • PowerApps Data table control
  • Data Table Search and Filter implementation
  • PowerApps Repeating table
  • Use Repeating table data using Gallery control in PowerApps
  • PowerApps Notifications using Notify function
  • PowerApps Gallery Control Filter Sort with Examples
  • PowerApps Export and Import at Tenant Level

Module-18: Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)

  • Introduction to Microsoft Flow
  • Access Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Flow vs SharePoint Designer Workflow
  • Microsoft Flow templates
  • Microsoft flow services and various flow connectors
  • Flow Example: Send Email when SharePoint list item added
  • Edit, Share a Flow
  • Working with Approvals using Microsoft Flow
  • Start approval when a new item is added to SharePoint Online list
  • Update item based on Approval
  • Check approval history
  • Multi-level approval flow using Microsoft Flow
  • Flow Example: Save Outlook email attachments to SharePoint Online document library
  • Flow Example: Save tweets that include specific hashtag to a SharePoint Online list
  • How to get manager name in Power Automate (Flow) – Leave Request Demo
  • Type of Flows
  • Button Flows
  • Microsoft Flow Mobile App
  • Button Flow Example: Send Myself a reminder in 10 minutes
  • Button Flow Example: Get today’s weather forecast for my current location
  • Button Flow Example: Send a working from home today email to your manager
  • Get Push Notification using Microsoft Flow
  • Quick track your work hours and work location in an excel table using Microsoft Flow
  • Flow Example: Copy documents from Document library to archive library
  • Working with Rest API in Microsoft Flow
  • Create Flow to trigger manually
  • Send an HTTP request to SharePoint
  • Create list using Rest API from Microsoft Flow
  • Create list item using Rest API from Microsoft Flow
Microsoft flow training
  • What is Power Automate or Flow – Updated on 26-08-2020
  • SharePoint auto-generate column with leading zeros
  • Move file from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint Online using Power Automate and vice versa
  • Move all files from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint Online using Power Automate and vice versa

Module-19: Microsoft Power BI

power bi training
  • Introduction to Microsoft Power BI training
  • What is Microsoft Power BI
  • Power BI Licensing
  • Different components of Power BI
  • Power BI roles
  • Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service or Online
  • Understanding Power BI Desktop interface
  • Understanding of Visualization Dashboard and Reports
  • Create and Publish your First Visualizations
  • Power BI Filters
  • Create reports from SharePoint List
  • Power BI Slicers
  • Add Visuals from AppSource (Hierarchy Slicer)
  • Display Data in Table Visual
  • Pie Chart Vs Clustered bar chart or Clustered column chart
  • Card and Multi row card
  • Introduction to Power BI Desktop Query Editor
  • Query Editor Examples
  • Power BI Calculated and Conditional Column
  • How to split column in Power BI
  • Introduction to DAX
  • Difference between calculated column and measure in Power BI
  • How to use Function and IF in Power BI
  • Aggregation Function SUMX and FILTER Example
  • Variables in Power BI
  • Power BI Table Functions
  • Publish and Share Power BI report
  • Publish to Web Power BI report
  • Embed Power BI reports in Microsoft Teams

Module-20: SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Introduction
  • SharePoint Framework Development Toolchain
  • SharePoint Framework Development Environment Set up
  • Create First SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web part
  • Package and Deploy SPFx Client Side Web Part
  • Understanding important files folders inside spfx web part
  • 3 Different ways to create SPFx Solution
  • Visual Studio Code Crash Course
  • Node Package Manager (npm)
  • TypeScript Crash Course Part-1
  • TypeScript Crash Course Part-2
  • TypeScript Crash Course Part-3
  • React Crash Course
  • React Component
  • CRUD Operations using SPHttpClient in SPFx – Insert Item Example
  • CRUD Operations using SPHttpClient in SPFx – Update List Item Example
  • CRUD Operations using SPHttpClient in SPFx – Display and Delete List Items Example
  • SPFx Client Side Web Part Properties
  • Employee Feedback Client side web part using SPFx (sphttpclient)
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Field Customizer extension
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Application Customizer Extension
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Command Sets Extensions
  • Display List Items in SPFx web part using React
  • SPFx Office UI Fabric Introduction
  • Microsoft Fluent UI
  • Fabric Core
sharepoint framework development training
  • Start Fluent UI with React
  • CRUD Operations + React Tabulator + office ui fabric react controls
  • Create FAQ Web Part using React Fluent UI – GroupedList
  • SharePoint Framework CRUD Operations using React
  • SPFx Fluent UI Command Bar Example
  • SPFx Fluent UI Textbox, Multiline Textbox, MaskedTextField and Calendar Example

Module-21: SharePoint Examples (Visual Studio)

SharePoint Online developer training in India
  • Remote Event Receiver in SharePoint Online Office 365 (Visual Studio)
  • Develop workflows using visual studio for SharePoint Online
  • Develop workflows using visual studio for SharePoint Online (Host Web)
  • Web Jobs in SharePoint Online (Step by Step)
  • Develop Deploy Web API to Azure and Call Web API in SharePoint Online VS workflow
  • Various visual studio workflow examples

Module-22: SharePoint Server 2019 & 2016

  • Introduction to SharePoint On-premises environment
  • Various SharePoint on-premises versions
  • New features in SharePoint 2016
  • New Features in SharePoint 2019
  • Browsers supported in SharePoint 2019/2016
  • SharePoint 2019/2016 farm architecture
  • SharePoint 2016 installation requirements
  • SharePoint 2019 installation requirements
  • SharePoint server 2019 installation steps
  • SharePoint Central Administration
  • SharePoint web application
  • SharePoint site collection and sites
  • SharePoint site customization
  • Managed Path in SharePoint
  • Minimal Download Strategy (MDS)
  • Enable/Disable MDS using PowerShell, CSOM, SSOM
  • SharePoint server object model
  • Farm solutions vs Sandboxed Solutions
  • SharePoint server object model hierarchy
  • Start with server object model using windows application
  • SharePoint server object model best practices
  • Create Feature using Visual Studio 2017 as Farm Solution
  • Create site columns, list, add site columns to list, add columns to default view using SSOM example
  • Create visual web part using visual studio 2017 for SharePoint 2016
  • CRUD operations using Visual web part in SharePoint 2016/2019
  • What are event receivers in SharePoint?
  • Different between workflows and event receivers
  • Create and deploy an event receiver using visual studio 2017 for SharePoint list
sharepoint 2019 training
  • What is a timer job in SharePoint?
  • How to create and deploy a timer job in SharePoint?
  • Create List Instance and List Definition using Visual Studio for SharePoint 2016
  • Create Site Page using Visual Studio
  • Create Custom Action Group using Visual Studio for SharePoint 2016

Module-23: SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Migration
  • Understanding update, upgrade and migration in SharePoint
  • Why SharePoint Migration Required
  • Different ways for SharePoint Migration
  • Pre Migration Analysis
  • Do you still need a tool for database upgrade approach
  • SharePoint Upgrade Database Approach Steps
  • Various SharePoint Migration Tools + Sharegate
  • Metalogix Overview
  • DocAve from AvePoint – Overview
  • Other tools like Dockit, Saketa, HarePoint, Express migration for SharePoint Overview
  • SharePoint migration using tool demo – screenshots
  • Free SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft
  • Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration
  • Final Note on SharePoint Migration

Module-24: Microsoft Teams

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams Training Module
  • How to use Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams Settings
  • How to create a group in Microsoft teams
  • How to invite a guest or external users to Microsoft Teams Meetings
  • Connect to Microsoft Teams PowerShell + Examples
  • How to leave an organization as a guest user in Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams Training
SharePoint development training

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I have enrolled for the SharePoint developer training course some days before and really it's a very helpful course for SharePoint developers. I learned new things in just starting of 3-4 lectures. Very small small points of list and libraries are covered. Very soon I will complete the course ?. Thanks Bijay kumar.
Reshma-SharePoint developer training
Reshma Bhalekar
Senior SharePoint developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the course duration? How much time do I need to complete this course?

The duration of this course is 65+ hours and I will add a few more modules and examples to make it around 75 hours. There is no time limit to complete this course because this is a self-paced course where you can learn at your own speed and convenient time.

I am working in SharePoint On premises version, Can I take the training course?

In this course, I have covered all the out of box features, development (client-side), apps, flow, PowerApps, and spfx also. SharePoint server-side development is covered using SharePoint 2019 & SharePoint 2016. Lots of things are similar in SharePoint Online and On-Premise versions.

Can I join the course as I am a Fresher?

Yes, you can join if you want to build your career in SharePoint Office 365. I am covering enough course content, it will help you not only to get job easily but also will help you while working in SharePoint. I will also take some live sessions on how to prepare for interviews.

Can I take the training as I do not have programming knowledge?

Yes, you can take the training. I have take care of the basic programming concepts also like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, etc. You need to practice.

Do I get a course completion certificate?

Yes, just send me an email at, I will send you the certificate.

Do I get an invoice so that I can get it reimbursed from my employer?

Yes. When you make the payment, you immediately get the invoice via email.

Still, if you have any other questions to ask, send an email to