SharePoint Designer Workflow Declare item as record

In this SharePoint Designer workflow tutorial, we will discuss how to declare item as record in SharePoint using Declare item SharePoint designer 2010 workflow action.

Declare Item is an important SharePoint designer workflow action, with this action we can declare an item as a record using SharePoint designer workflow.

When an item is declared as record, it cannot be edited or deleted it’s like locking the item which can only be viewed. When a document or item is Declared a small lock symbol will appear under the document which is Declared. With the proper permissions, you can declare or undeclare an item.

This workflow action has been removed from SharePoint designer 2013 and is available only in SharePoint Designer 2010. Declaring an Item or document can also be done manually to list and libraries, only if you are an Administrator or Contributor. To declare Item you must have following features activated:

In Place Records Management: Click on Gear icon then click on SiteSetting there you can find Site Collection Administration from there click on Site collection feature.

sharepoint designer workflow declare item as record
record declaration settings SharePoint 2013

From “Site collection features” you can find In Place Records Management and then click on “Activate

sharepoint 2010 workflow declare record
SharePoint 2010 workflow declare a record

Set settings in Record declaration settings from “Site collection features“:

You can follow the same steps as above described to navigate to  Site Collection Administrator section is Site Settings page, after that click on Record declaration settings.

sharepoint workflow declare item as record
SharePoint designer workflow types

Here Select the radio buttons as “Available in all locations by default” to activate the Declaration Availability. And specify the persons as who can Declare and Undeclare the item in Declaration Role section.

sharepoint workflow declare item as record

You won’t find icons on the ribbon in list or library to Declare the items until and unless you activate the above features to Declare Item Manually.

Using SharePoint Designer 2010 Action to Declare any item you need not worry about all these above features being activated or not if you are. Items will be Declared if the Flow action is chosen and used.

Here we will see how to to use Declare Item Using SharePoint Designer 2010. We are going to take a Scenario where we will be having a document library and there is a status column when after all edits and review are done and the status is marked Complete the element will be Declared.

Example SharePoint workflow declare item as record

Initially, we need to create a document library and add a choice column where there are three choices as Not Started, In Progress and Completed. You can check the previous article on how to create a Document library and choice column in the Document library. Then add some documents with initial Column status as Not started.

Now come down to Sharepoint designer 2013 and connect to the SharePoint Online site. Click on Workflows and choose List Workflow from the left top corner and choose the library and give an appropriate workflow name and choose platform as SharePoint 2010 Workflow.

sharepoint workflow declare item as record
you cannot declare/undeclare item as a record

After creating the workflow click on Action and select Log to History list to write a message to the workflow history list during the lifetime of a workflow.

Then click on Condition from the ribbon to add a condition that if status Value equals Completed. Then Click on Action and Declar record. Save the Workflow and then publish.

sharepoint workflow declare item as record
sharepoint designer workflow declare the item as a record

Then come back to SharePoint Library then click on Library settings and click on “Quick Edit” to edit the columns. Edit the Item to Completed and then you can see Workflow is initiated and a small lock appears under the record. It means the item is declared as record.

sharepoint designer workflow declare the item as a record
sharepoint designer workflow declare the item as a record

Now let’s see how we can Undeclare this item Manually.

click on … which is menu dialogue for the selected item. then there again click on  known as more action where you can see Advanced then click on Compliance Details.

undeclare record SharePoint 2013

undeclare record SharePoint 2013

The compliance window opens up here where you can see the below image to Undeclare the record.

sharepoint workflow declare item as record
declare the item sharepoint designer workflow action

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In this SharePoint designer 2010 Action Workflow we learned about what is Declare Item and then we have seen one business scenario how to use this Action. We also discussed how to Undeclare the item manually. We can declare records in SharePoint online SharePoint 2013 and Sharepoint 2016 as well using SharePoint Designer 2010 platform.