SharePoint Search Schema, Crawl Properties, and Managed Properties

In this SharePoint search tutorial, we will discuss what is the SharePoint search schema, search index, Crawl properties and Managed properties in SharePoint 2013/2016.

All these search schemas will be applicable to SharePoint 2013/2016 or SharePoint Online.

What is SharePoint search schema?

The SharePoint search schema is controlling what a user can search, how the user can search and how the result can represent to the user. When the user finds the information in the search then the search only displaying that information which stores in the search index.

Now we will see in which basically the search indexing the information. When we search something in the search box in the SharePoint site, the first crawler will come into the picture.

The crawler crawling the item from the SharePoint site such as document or URL and collecting the content and metadata. In other words, the content and metadata are called item properties.

SharePoint search Crawl properties

The search schema contains some of the crawled properties that helps the crawler to decide what information should extract from the SharePoint item. Search can not store all the item properties in the search index.

SharePoint Search Managed Properties

Search schema contains a list of useful content and metadata called managed properties. The search only index from the managed property.

Examples of metadata are the author and the title of documents in a SharePoint document library.

To store the metadata and content to the search index, crawled properties should be mapped to the managed property. As we know the content which is managed property that only store in the search index.

For example, a crawled property related to the author mapped to the managed property related to the author. When we add a managed property then we should do mapping with the crawled property to get the content into the index.

We can not create the crawled property on our own. The SharePoint will create the crawled property. So we can create a managed property and map to the crawled property to get the information to the search index in the SharePoint site.

When we create a new site column in the SharePoint list the crawler will collect the site column name as the crawled property.

The SharePoint will map the crawled property to auto-generated managed property, by default, it is not refinable so to refine we should manually map the crawled property to the managed property.

What is search index in SharePoint?

Search index in the SharePoint is nothing but a set of files which store in the folder on the Server. Whatever information are present in the search index that the only user can see when he searches for any queries.

The crawl component collects the content from the SharePoint content source and crawl properties help the crawler what the information should extract.

Then the extracted information will send to the content process component which mapped the crawled property and managed property and format the information and stored in the search index.

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Here we were discussed what is search schema, managed properties and crawled properties. We also knew what is the search index. When we go for search from where the search is representing the information to us.