SharePoint or Provider hosted Add in debug in different browser in Visual Studio

SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint online introduced a new SharePoint add-in or provider-hosted add-in. In the case of a SharePoint hosted add-in, we can use only the JavaScript object model (jsom) and can be developed using visual studio 2015. And in the case of a provider-hosted add-in, we can use the .net client object model code (Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll and Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll).

We can debug a SharePoint add-in or provider hosted add-in in the different browser in visual studio 2015. Whenever you develop any solution and try to debug the solution, it will open in the default browser (mostly set IE). But you might need to debug in a different browser.

Recently we were developing a provider hosted add-in and we wanted to debug it into a different browser. By default, it was opening in Internet Explorer.

Debug SharePoint Add-in or Apps in a different browser

In a provider hosted add-in, there will be two projects one is your add-in project and another one is the Asp.Net project (maybe an MVC project or web form project depending on your selection while creating the provider hosted add-in).

Here select the add-project and go to properties (F4), you can see “Start Action” property. In this property, you can see the browser available. Select the browser and then when you click on F5 or Debug start button, it will take the selected browser. See fig below:

SharePoint debug in different browser in visual studio 2015
SharePoint visual studio 2015 debug different browser

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I hope this will be helpful to know how to debug SharePoint or provider-hosted add-in in a different browser.