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Complete Microsoft Power Platform Training Course Modules

Section -1: Power Apps

Chapter-1: Introduction to Power Apps & Subscription Details

  • What is Power Apps and Why to use it?
  • Different types of Apps in Power Apps
  • Power Apps environment
  • Power Apps Licensing & Subscription
  • Introduction to Power Apps Studio

Chapter-2: Develop your first Power Apps App

  • Build your first App from SharePoint
  • Create an App from Excel
  • Preview, Save, and Publish an App

Chapter-3: Power Apps Designer understanding

  • Introduction to the Designer interface
  • Power Apps Layouts
  • Power Apps Screens
  • Various types of screens
  • New, Browse, Details, Edit Screens
  • Themes
  • Power Apps on start property

Chapter-4: Power Apps Data Sources and Connectors

  • Understanding data sources and connectors
  • Standard connectors vs Premium Connectors
  • On-premises data gateway
  • Power Apps connections
    1. Microsoft Dataverse
    2. Excel
    3. OneDrive
    4. SharePoint
    5. Office 365 Outlook
    6. Office 365 Users
    7. Azure AD
    8. Twitter
    9. RSS Feed
    10. Weather
    11. Power BI, etc

Chapter-5: Power Apps Functions and Formulas

  • Power Apps variables
  • Power Apps collections
    1. Create collection
    2. Create collection from SharePoint list
    3. Create collection from Excel
    4. Add, Update, remove, filter in Power Apps collection
  • Formulas in Power Apps
  • Power Apps functions
    1. Text functions
    2. String functions
    3. Number functions
    4. Calculate
    5. If function
    6. Date, DateAdd, DateDiff, DateValue, Now, Today, IsToday, etc.
    7. Count, CountA, CountIf, CountRows, etc.
    8. AddColumns, DropColumns, RenameColumns, etc.
    9. First, FirstN, Last, LastN, etc.
    10. Remove, RemoveIf, etc.
    11. Select, Find, Distinct, LastSubmit
    12. Find, Choice, Patch, Collect
    13. Update, UpdateContext, UpdateIf, etc.
    14. Filter, Search, Lookup, Navigate
    15. Sort, SortByColumns, Switch, Table
    16. ThisItem, ThisRecord, etc.

Chapter-6: Working with SharePoint List in Power Apps

  • Create a canvas app in PowerApps from a SharePoint list
  • Customizing SharePoint list forms
  • Build app from scratch
  • SharePoint List form validations
  • Create Login Screen in PowerApps with SharePoint List
  • Working with various columns like, person, choice, date column, Yes/no, File Attachment,
  • Working with Power Apps with multiple lists
  • Power Apps Search SharePoint List
  • PowerApps Filter SharePoint List
  • Tabbed form in Power Apps with SharePoint List
  • PowerApps SharePoint Lookup Column
  • PowerApps Cascading Dropdown
  • Create PowerApps GridView

Chapter-7: Various Controls in Power Apps

  • Understanding controls in Power Apps
  • Various Power Apps controls examples
    1. Text input, radio button, checkbox, dropdown, button, etc.
    2. List box, Combobox, Date picker
    3. Gallery, Data table, Image, Audio and Video
    4. Timer, Slider, Toggle, Container
    5. Barcode scanner, Charts
    6. Export & Import, PDF Viewer
  • Working with Fluent UI controls

Chapter-8: Power Apps Examples

  • Dashboard using Power Apps example
  • Leave request form using Power Apps
  • PowerApps Multilingual App
  • PowerApps Quiz/PowerApps Survey
  • PowerApps Barcode Scanner
  • PowerApps Get Current User
  • Employee Directory
  • Power Apps Search Gallery
  • Power Apps Gallery Pagination
  • PowerApps Gallery Control Filter
  • PowerApps Dropdown Gallery
  • Power Apps repeating rows
  • Upload PowerApps Attachments to SharePoint Library Folder
  • Power Apps Loading Spinner
  • Show hide fields based on dropdown selection PowerApps
  • PowerApps send email on submit
  • PowerApps Popup Message Box
  • Create a navigation menu using the Gallery Control in Power Apps

Chapter-9: Model-Driven App in Power Apps

  • Introduction to model-driven apps
  • Create your first model-driven app
  • Working with Views
  • Working with Forms
  • Publish and share a model-driven app

Chapter-10: Microsoft Dataverse

  • Introduction to Dataverse
  • Why to choose Dataverse
  • Working with tables & table relationships
  • Working with Columns
  • Business logic in Dataverse
  • Working with workflows in Dataverse
  • Working with actions in Dataverse
  • Solutions in Dataverse
  • Create, Export, Import, Update and Upgrade solutions
  • Working with dataflows in Dataverse
  • Dataverse Security

Chapter-11: Power Apps with Microsoft Teams

  • Embed canvas app in Microsoft Teams
  • Embed model driven app in Microsoft Teams
  • Create an app in Microsoft Teams
  • Working with Dataverse for Teams App
  • Working with Tables
  • Integrate with Azure Active Directory
  • Integrate App with call and meetings
  • Share, Publish, Remove your Apps

Chapter-12: Power Apps Portals

  • Introduction to Power Apps
  • Power Apps portal architecture
  • Create a Power Apps portal
  • Create a portal using portals studio
  • Working with roles & permissions in portals
  • User management in Power Apps portal
  • Search in Power Apps portals
  • Document storage in Power Apps portals
  • Embed portals to another site
  • Working with Liquid templates

Chapter-13: Power Apps Administration

  • Share app with other users
  • Export and import Power Apps app
  • Securing Power Apps app
  • Migrate PowerApps from one tenant to another
  • Power Apps Delegation

Section -2: Power Automate

Chapter-14: Introduction to Power Automate

  • Introduction to Power Automate
  • Advantages of using Powe Automate
  • Power Automate Licensing and Price
  • Access Power Automate
  • Introduction Power Automate Desktop
  • Install and setup the Power Automate Desktop
  • Power Automate Desktop Architecture
  • Power Automate desktop Actions and its Pane
  • On-premises data gateway

Chapter-15: Create your First Flow

  • Types of flows
  • Create your first flow
    1. Automated cloud flow
    2. Instant cloud flow
    3. Scheduled cloud flow
    4. Desktop flow
    5. Business process flow
    6. Process advisor
  • Power Automate Mobile app
  • How to operate flow from Mobile

Chapter-16: Flow Templates & Connectors

  • Prebuilt flow templates
    1. Save Office 365 email attachments to specified OneDrive for Business folder
    2. Trigger a flow with a Power BI data-driven alert
    3. Move documents between SharePoint libraries based on a metadata condition
    4. When an item in a SharePoint list is modified send an email
    5. Send myself a reminder in 10 minutes
    6. Create a Planner task when a Microsoft Forms is submitted
    7. Keep track of anything using a SharePoint list
    8. Upload photos to Google Drive
    9. Send an email with today’s weather report and upcoming Outlook 365 events
    10. Form processing to email and SharePoint
  • Connectors
    1. SharePoint
    2. OneDrive for Business
    3. Twitter
    4. Microsoft Teams
    5. Approvals
    6. Microsoft form
    7. Outlook
    8. Google Drive
    9. YouTube
    10. Excel

Chapter-17: Flow Actions & Triggers

  • Flow triggers and uses
  • Different type of triggers
  • Configure the trigger condition
  • Flow Action and uses
  • Flow actions examples
    1. Send an email (V2)
    2. Get Items (SharePoint)
    3. Create a Teams Meeting
    4. Convert file (OneDrive for Business)
    5. Send an HTTP request to SharePoint
    6. Date Time
    7. Create schedule
    8. How to format number
    9. Create a task in Planner
    10. Copy file from one SharePoint library to another
    11. Get users profile, manager, etc.

Chapter-18: Understanding Flow Expressions and Function

  • Power Automate Flow expressions
  • Conversion of data types
  • Powe Automate conditional flow
  • Store and manage variables
  • Different types of Loops controls
    1. Condition
    2. Apply to each
    3. Do until
    4. Scope
    5. Switch
    6. Terminate
  • Working with dynamic contents
  • Types of Functions in Power Automate
    1. String Function
    2. Collection Function
    3. Logical Functions
    4. Conversion Function
    5. Math Function
    6. Date and Time Function
    7. Manipulation Function

Chapter-19: Working with Approval Flow

  • Introduction to approval flow
  • Create a simple approval flow
  • Multilevel approval flow
  • Parallel approval flow
  • Approval flow in Microsoft Teams
  • Approval flow with Microsoft Planner
  • Approval flow with Microsoft Form

Chapter-20: Various Flow Examples with SharePoint

  • Get user profile
  • Send email notification on task creation
  • Migrate Excel table to SharePoint list
  • Post Teams message right from SharePoint library
  • Upload file in SharePoint using multiple conditions
  • Send notifications based on the SharePoint choice
  • Send notification to mobile when a task is assigned
  • Create HTTP request to create a new list in SharePoint
  • Get A Daily Summary of Planner Tasks
  • Get the current weather in one tap
  • Post adaptive card in Microsoft team
  • Create an event in Microsoft Calendar

Chapter-21: Power Automate AI Builder

  • What is AI Builder and key features
  • Licensing and capacity add-ons
  • Working with Labs and sample data
  • Explore AI Builder in Power Automate
  • Prebuilt AI models
  • Working with prebuilt AI models
  • Custom Al models
    1. Prediction AI model
    2. Category classification AI model
    3. Form processing AI model
    4. Entity extraction AI model
    5. Object detection AI model
  • AI Builder within Power Automate

Chapter-22: Flow Administration

  • Share a flow
  • Export and import flows
  • Manage Locale
  • Enable experimental features
  • Turn Off flow

Section -3: Power BI

Chapter-23: Introduction to Power BI

  • What is Power Bi?
  • Power BI License
  • Overview of Power Bi Service
  • Access Power BI Service
  • Overview of Power Bi Desktop
  • Power Bi Desktop Installation
  • Create your first Power BI report and dashboard

Chapter-24: Various Power Bi Data Sources

  • Different Power Bi Data sources
  • Working with Excel data sources
  • SharePoint Online Data source
  • Custom Table data source using Power BI Desktop

Chapter-25: Handling data with Power Query Editor

  • Overview of Power Query Editor
  • Get Data using Power Query Editor
    1. Transform Data
    2. Rename column
    3. Change data type
    4. Header Formatting
    5. Add, Remove Rows and columns
    6. Replacing values
    7. Append, Merge Queries for Columns
    8. Split and Combine columns
    9. Using Conditional column
    10. Pivoting and Unpivoting column
  • What is M query
  • How to use M query with an example

Chapter-26: Understanding Power BI Data Model

  • What is Power Bi Data Model
  • Introduction to Star Schema
  • Data Modelling with star schema
  • Understanding Relationship
    1. Cardinality Many to one and one to one
    2. Cross Filter Direction and Many to Many
    3. Active and Inactive relationship

Chapter-27: Power BI Visualizations and Formatting

  • What is Power Bi visualization
  • Bar and column chart
  • Area chart
  • Cards
  • Line chart
  • Doughnut chart
  • Pie chart
  • Gauge chart
  • Funnel chart
  • Key Influencer Chart
  • Tables
  • Matrix
  • Scatter
  • Slicer
  • Tree Map
  • Waterfall chart
  • Create a sparkline in table or Matrix
  • Format the visualization
  • Apply conditional formatting in Visualization
  • Work with aggregate in Power BI
  • Get More visuals in Power Bi

Chapter-28: Power BI Report & Dashboard with SharePoint and Dataverse

  • What is Power Bi report
  • What is Power Bi Dashboard
  • Create Power Bi report with SharePoint Online
  • Create Power BI report with Dataverse
  • Add hyperlink to the textbox
  • Sort one column by another
  • Filter Power Bi reports
  • Create report using Bookmark and button
  • Selection Pane
  • Sync slicers
  • Create Power Bi Dashboard
  • Embed Power Bi report in SharePoint Online
  • Embed Power BI report to Microsoft Teams
  • Data Refresh in Power BI

Chapter-29: Working with Power BI DAX

  • What is Dax in Power Bi
  • Power Bi Dax functions
    1. Aggregation Function
    2. Date and Time function
    3. Filter functions
    4. Logical functions
    5. Text function
    6. Time Intelligence Function
  • Create Measure using Dax
  • Create Quick measure using Dax queries
  • Create Calculated column using Dax
  • Create Calculated table using Dax

Chapter-30: Manage Data Security in Power BI

  • Data security in Power BI
  • Various Power BI security levels
    1. Row level security
    2. Column level security
    3. Page level security
    4. Report level security
    5. Object level security

Chapter-31: Power BI Administration

  • Power Bi Service
  • Role of Power Bi Administrator
  • Overview of Power Bi Admin Portal
  • What is workspace
  • Create your own workspace
  • Sharing report
  • Export and Import Power BI report

Section -4: Power Virtual Agents

Chapter-32: Introduction to Power Virtual Agents

  • What are Power Virtual Agents
  • Licensing
  • Sign up for a trial account

Chapter-33: Working with Bots

  • Create your first bot
  • Working with topics
  • Test your bot
  • Share bots with users
  • Export & import bots

Chapter-34: Chatbot in Microsoft Teams

  • Introduction to PVA in Teams
  • Create and deploy bots to Microsoft Teams
  • Create, Edit, and Delete Topics
  • Test your bot
  • Share
  • Export & Import



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