Office 365 tenant to tenant migration (Email)

Microsoft Office 365 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that delivers various productivity applications at an impressive rate. However, at times organizations using Office 365, change their name, purchases another company, or gets merged with a competitor. Let us check out, email migration from office 365 tenant to tenant migration.

In such scenarios, the changes demand some flexibility as both source and target tenant live separately in Microsoft cloud. This becomes a big challenge to administrators as the source Office 365 tenant’s users, shared mailboxes, groups, and other objects need to be created manually in the target Office 365 tenant.

office 365 tenant to tenant migration
office 365 tenant to tenant migration

But, doing this without proper guidance can create some massive hurdles as users need to perform Office 365 domain and data migration along with Azure AD Connect.

Migrate office 365 mailbox to another tenant

The complete tenant to tenant Office 365 migration process is categorized in some certain phases that need to be performed carefully for a successful migration.

Step 1. Plan

First of all, you need to prepare your Client and Tenants before two weeks. After that, consider all the pre-migration activities like Resource Creation and Organizational Communication.

Step 2. Prepare

The preparation phase will take place before three days of migration and it includes Domain Preparation, Migration Preparation, TTL Test Preparation, and Source Tenant Preparation. After this, change the MX Record and prepare Source as well as Target Office 365 Tenant.

Step 3. Migrate

To migrate you need Tenant to Tenant Office 365 migration tool to perform user mailboxes, Admin mailboxes, and shared mailboxes migration from one Office 365 tenant to tenant.

It allows to move all the emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and shared mailboxes from Office 365 to Office 365. The software support all versions of Windows OS. Below are the steps to migrate Office 365 to Office 365:

Important Considerations

  • To access OWA for admin, the license must be assigned to Office 365 admin account.
  • Both the Source and Target Admin account must be impersonated.
  • Mailbox Import Export role and admin user must be assigned.
  • Log in as an administrator on the computer in which tool is running.
  • Open the tool and you will get two options to perform data migration:
  • With Impersonation: To migrate complete Office 365 data to another Office 365 account/ tenant. This option requires to enter source and destination admin credentials
  • Without Impersonation: To perform selective mailboxes migration. You can directly import a CSV file that comprises user ID and password associated with individual user mailboxes
  • Choose the appropriate option as per your current requirements
  • After specifying source and user account credentials, click Login
  • Once the software confirms account details, click on the Import CSV button and select the CSV file that contains mailbox accounts that needs to perform data migration. Click Next
  • Now, select all the data items you want to migrate i.e., Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks
  • If you want to exclude unnecessary data from the target tenant then, you can use its Date Filters and select a particular time period to export only desired data
  • Specify Folder Mapping and Include Folder options to avoid any inconvenience in target tenant
  • After all this, the tool will migrate you to the previous menu. Here, click on Export
  • Migration of selected data will begin now and the tool will display the progress report of current migration
  • After completing migration successfully, you can save the Export Report for future reference
  • Now, you can access the migrated data items of source Office 365 tenant from targeted Office 365 tenant even without any complications.

Step 4. Clean Up

When the migration process gets completed, make sure you have cleared the nickname and auto-completion caches. Since this is just for user convenience but, it will also prevent them from receiving NDRs while replying to migrated email messages.

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How to migrate Office 365 to Office 365 is one of the most asked technical queries on the Internet today. Considering this, we have come up with this article.

Here, we have discussed a step-by-step method to migrate data from one Office 365 tenant to tenant in a simpler manner. From now, users will face no difficulty while performing such migration.

We saw how to use SysTools Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Tool to migrate office 365 mailbox to another tenant.