Microsoft renamed Password administrator role to Helpdesk administrator role in Microsoft 365 admin center

In the Office 365 admin center or in Microsoft 365 admin center, you can set various admin roles to users in your organization. Each admin role allows users to specific tasks in Office 365. Microsoft renamed the Password administrator role to the Helpdesk administrator role.

Office 365 administrator roles are:

  • Global administrator
  • Dynamics 365 service administrator
  • Customer Lockbox access approver
  • Exchange administrator
  • Helpdesk (Password) administrator (Renamed from Password to Helpdesk)
  • License administrator
  • Skype for Business administrator
  • Message Center reader
  • Power BI service administrator
  • Reports reader
  • Service administrator
  • SharePoint administrator
  • Teams Communications Administrator
  • Teams Communications Support Engineer
  • Teams Communications Support Specialist
  • Teams Service Administrator
  • User management administrator etc.

Password administrator renamed to Helpdesk administrator:

Password administrator role has been renamed to Helpdesk administrator in Office 365 admin center.

Helpdesk administrator role users can reset passwords, manage support tickets, and monitor service health. But they can not reset passwords for global administrators.

The roles change will now reflects in Microsoft 365 admin center like below:

Microsoft 365 Helpdesk administrator role
Microsoft 365 Helpdesk administrator role

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There will be no action from you as an Office 365 admin, the changes will be reflected automatically. You can check this article to know more about Office 365 admin roles.