How to extract and make stp file in SharePoint Online?

We can extract an .stp file and then how we can make an .stp file from the extracted files in SharePoint. We have created a custom list template which usually saves as a .stp file. After saving this .stp file we wanted to modify something in the manifest.xml file

First, you can extract the .stp file. Here I have used 7-Zip to extract it like below:

extract stp file sharepoint
extract stp file sharepoint

Once it is successfully extracted, you can see the manifest.xml file.

Then you can modify the file using Notepad or Notepad++ (any editor you can use). Once the modification over we can run the below command to create the .stp file again.

Here I have kept the manifest.xml file in the d drive and running the below command.

makecab.exe manifest.xml WorkflowMailTemplates.stp

how to edit a list template in sharepoint 2013
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Hope this will be helpful to know how to extract .stp file and make .stp file in SharePoint Online and how to change in manifest.xml file in SharePoint.