Free SharePoint Training for beginners – Videos

Are you a beginner and want to learn SharePoint? Then you are in the right place. I have created a free SharePoint training for beginners (videos training). This training will help you to start with Office 365, SharePoint Online.

The topics I have covered are:

  • Understanding of SharePoint, Office 365, SharePoint on-premise, and SharePoint Online
  • Detailed understanding SharePoint site collections, sites, and subsites
  • All about SharePoint list
  • Everything about SharePoint libraries
  • Understanding various SharePoint client-side development models
  • Working with JavaScript object model (JSOM)
  • SharePoint Online Rest API

It has 5 part video series which you can access instantly (scroll down).

Note: Whenever I feel I need to add a few important videos from YouTube, do not surprise me, I will keep on useful videos here.

But this is just the beginning, there are lots of things in Office 365 to learn. If you want to learn everything, check out our SharePoint training courses.

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Free SharePoint Training – Video

Enjoy the 5 part free SharePoint Training for beginners and set up your first SharePoint Online site for your organization.

#1. Understanding SharePoint & Office 365

In the first SharePoint training video learn the below things:

  • What is SharePoint?
  • Features of SharePoint
  • Different ways to access SharePoint
  • SharePoint On-Premises vs SharePoint Online
  • Introduction to Office 365 & SharePoint Online
  • Advantages of SharePoint Online
  • Various Office 365 Plans
  • Sign up for Office 365
  • Add users and set up licenses
  • Overview of Office 365 admin center

Here is another video I have recently uploaded to the YouTube channel, that explains what is SharePoint.

Understand below what is SharePoint Online? SharePoint Online features and benefits and what are SharePoint online plan 1 vs plan 2 license options.

There are a few useful things you can try in SharePoint Online with Office 365 Enterprise E5 license. In this free SharePoint training for beginners, check out how to sign up for an Office 365 enterprise 35 plan. One highlighted feature you can use is Power BI Pro.

Since this is a free SharePoint training for beginners, let me tell show you another way to sign up for an unlimited SharePoint Online trial by using the Office 365 developer program.

#2. Understanding SharePoint Site Collection & Sites

In the 2nd video of this free SharePoint training, learn the below things:

#3. SharePoint List

In this SharePoint training video learn about:

  • What is a SharePoint list?
  • What are the classic and modern SharePoint lists?
  • How to create a SharePoint list (classic and modern)?
  • List of SharePoint modern list features

In the below video, I will show you how to create a list from excel in SharePoint. This will work in SharePoint Online modern experience.

Here, I will explain, how to create a list from an existing list in SharePoint Online.

#4. SharePoint Document Library

In the 4th part of this video SharePoint training learn:

#5. SharePoint Online Development

In the last part of the free SharePoint training for beginners series learn:

  • What are various SharePoint Online development model
  • Various SharePoint client object model
  • JavaScript object model with examples

This is a video I uploaded to my YouTube channel on SharePoint rest api. Here I have shown an example on SharePoint Rest API. Here, I have explained how SharePoint REST API works, SharePoint Rest API HTTP commands, SharePoint 2013 REST endpoints examples, Advantages of using rest api in SharePoint, How to get, and send the form digest value, and various SharePoint Rest API Examples.

Below is an example on how to create list in SharePoint Online using Rest API and how to delete list in SharePoint Online using Rest API.

In this free sharepoint training video, I have explained how to get all SharePoint list items using Rest API and how to display SharePoint list data using DataTables Plug-in.

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