Documentum vs SharePoint

There are lots of document management solutions are available in the market. All the document management systems provide similar solutions or features.

But as an enterprise when you are going to choose an enterprise solution, you have to look out for the implementation cost, features available, product reliability, user reviews and various pros and cons of the product, etc.

Documentum vs SharePoint

Here we will discuss Documentum which is from EMC and SharePoint which is from Microsoft.

Both the platforms provide industry-leading features and both are scalable platforms. Both of them also has custom building features or modules. Not necessarily both the products need to be better from each other but we as an enterprise should need to understand which software or which tool is better for our organization in terms of features and budgets.

documentum vs sharepoint
documentum vs sharepoint
Key PointsDocumentumSharePoint
VendorsFrom EMC which is trustable vendorFrom Microsoft, which is also one of the world’s most trustable vendors.
What it is?Documentum is a document management solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers such services as document storage and distribution, document indexing, integration, and others.SharePoint in popularly known as a business enterprise application, not just a document management portal any more. Apart from document management, it provides lots of other business solutions like workflows. One of the major benefits is it can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office.
 Documentum is suitable for organization of any size. Most suitable in cross business areas.It is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises.
AvailabilityIt can be available as on-premise and standalone software typeIt is available on Standalone, on-premise, cloud and as a SaaS.
Cloud availability***Microsoft is the leader in cloud availability of SharePoint as “SharePoint online”
FeaturesDocumentum provides management capabilities of lots of document like business documents, images, videos, xml documents etc.Apart from document management, SharePoint allows to provision enterprise intranet portal websites, file management, enterprise search etc.
BrowsersNeeds to have Java in the browserAny latest version browsers we can have to use SharePoint
ChangesDocumentum is almost stable in terms of the releases.Microsoft releases lots of new features regularly with the current market and business requirements.
Document storageDocumentum stores document in cabinet/folder.SharePoint stores documents in libraries, folders, nested folder, document sets etc.
Site creationAvailableSite creation are very easy and lots of templates are available for various business requirements like team site, publishing sites, project sites, search centre sites etc.
UsabilityGoodYou will get a web site experience to use SharePoint, sometime you need some end user training for it.



SharePoint is a very good tool for organizations who want to enable their end-users to build their own tools without IT involvement. That’s why more and more organizations are purchasing SharePoint.

That is the reason there will be 3 kinds of users will be there in SharePoint”


Power User

End User

Out of box features***SharePoint provides lots of out of box features. Almost an organization can achieve functionalities without new development.
InboxesIt is presented in documentum.The same feature is available as Email enabled lists.
Business automation***SharePoint provides workflows to automate business processes. Lot of complex business processes you can automate by using workflows in SharePoint. You can use SharePoint designer
Office products***SharePoint provides easy integration with Office products. Like from word you can save documents to document library.
Usage Options***By using Office 365 SharePoint online, you can pay only for what you are using.
CustomizationLot of APIs and customization options are available.SharePoint also provides lots of customization options and API to customize and connect with 3rd party tools. It provides remotable APIs, including SOAP Web services, that allows the rest of the enterprise to interact with SharePoint content.
Security***SharePoint provides lots of security management, you can give unique permission towards document level.
Databases***SharePoint farm can use any number of SQL Server databases managed by any number of SQL Servers. But the database is limited to SQL Server.
Support and ForumsSupported but not huge.SharePoint has huge supports, lots of things you can get from public forums. There are huge forums supports in SharePoint. They also have premium support.

***: Features which I am not sure.

Archive Services for SharePoint: You can use “Archive Services for SharePoint” to archive content to Documentum Content Server.

Content Services for SharePoint– allow users of SharePoint to use it as a complete front-end to Documentum Content Server.

Does Documentum integrate with SharePoint?

Microsoft provides “Microsoft SharePoint Server Indexing Connector for Documentum” which enables you to index content that is stored in the EMC Documentum system. After this, you will be able to search documents from Documentum.

Apart from this, there are 3rd party connectors are available like Layer2, Documentum connector from BA Insight, etc.

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