Difference between team site and publishing site in SharePoint

This SharePoint tutorial will discuss what are the difference between the team site and publishing site in SharePoint.

Lots of people ask this question, what are the difference between a team site and a publishing site in SharePoint. Ideally more important to know when to use which template while creating the site rather know exactly what are the differences. We should know what will be available if we are using a team site and what extra things we will get if we will use a publishing site.

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Both are two site templates, if we will choose the publishing site, we usually got some additional things.

Difference between team site and publishing site in SharePoint 2013
Difference between team site and publishing site in SharePoint 2013

If we are creating a site using the team site template, we got some classic lists and libraries like Documents, Site Pages, Site Assets, Style library etc. In a publishing site, you can have few more lists and libraries like Pages.

We can activate the publishing feature in any of the sites like team site. Publishing sites are sets two below features:

  • SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure (Site collection level)
  • SharePoint Server Publishing (Site level)

We can activate both the features and we will get all the features of publishing sites.

In case of publishing site, we will get additional links in gear icon as well as in Site Settings page. Like in Gear icon we can see “Design Manager” link which we can use to create master pages and page layouts. Similarly, we can see additional links in Site Settings page like:

  • Design Manager
  • Master page
  • Page layouts and site template
  • Welcome Page
  • Device Channels
  • Import Design package
  • Master pages and page layouts
  • Composed looks etc.

Compare to the team site, in the publishing site, there are more page layouts available, like Splash, Summary links, Table of contents, Redirect, Image on let, Image on right, etc.

From the UI you can change the master page from the Site settings page in publishing sites. But in a team site, you can not do, you have to activate the publishing feature.

The approval workflow is enabled by default only in the Publishing Site with Workflow site template. It can be used for content approval on a Web Site or an Intranet solution where the content must be reviewed before publication. Everything you have to publish as a major version in the case of publishing site, then only it will be available for other users.

If you want to have a public-facing site or an extranet that is exposed to the internet, we usually create a publishing site. But if you want to create a team site, then we should use a team site template. But if in a team site you need some more features, you can activate the publishing feature.

In the case of a publishing site, we will have the default check-in, check out, content approval features. For pages Check out, draft, publish features will come like you can save a page in draft mode if the modification is not completed. Once the page modification completed you can publish and after that, the changes will be reflected, other users.

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